Where the heck is Killing Morph?


Well, that’s a good question. Something I’ve been asking myself seeing as the next volume keeps getting bloody delayed. So far there’s been 36 chapters released, the last one released back in early February this year. That chapter marked the end of “part 1″ of the story and I doubt there’ll be anymore anytime soon as I don’t think the sales were any good.

So your probably wondering about the chapters that have been released so far and why they haven’t been translated. That’s for two reasons. There isn’t any raws for them on the internet and the fourth volume kept getting delayed multiple times. That’s leaves us with a few options, buy the digital version of the magazine or just wait for whenever the next volume comes out. FYI I’ve been waiting over year for it but apparently it’s sometime in September.


Also I did ask for help buying the magazine way back when I released Chapter 27 over a year ago but as usual the manga community are a bunch of penny pinchers who can’t even be bothered to support the comics they claim so dearly to love. Most of you probably don’t even buy comics, just leeches that suck publishers and authors dry. So you’ve only yourselves to blame as I can’t foot the bill for a dozen magazines considering I have trouble getting by as it is these days. So the only option is to wait until the next volume comes out if at all.

[Chang Sheng] Oldman Volumes 1-4

Since the series is all done with I decided to compile all releases together.  There will also be a torrent on nyaa so look out for that too.

Volume 1


Download PDF/Read Online

Volume 2


Read Online/Download PDF

Volume 3


Volume 4