Where the heck is Killing Morph?


Well, that’s a good question. Something I’ve been asking myself seeing as the next volume keeps getting bloody delayed. So far there’s been 36 chapters released, the last one released back in early February this year. That chapter marked the end of “part 1″ of the story and I doubt there’ll be anymore anytime soon as I don’t think the sales were any good.

So your probably wondering about the chapters that have been released so far and why they haven’t been translated. That’s for two reasons. There isn’t any raws for them on the internet and the fourth volume kept getting delayed multiple times. That’s leaves us with a few options, buy the digital version of the magazine or just wait for whenever the next volume comes out. FYI I’ve been waiting over year for it but apparently it’s sometime in September.


Also I did ask for help buying the magazine way back when I released Chapter 27 over a year ago but as usual the manga community are a bunch of penny pinchers who can’t even be bothered to support the comics they claim so dearly to love. Most of you probably don’t even buy comics, just leeches that suck publishers and authors dry. So you’ve only yourselves to blame as I can’t foot the bill for a dozen magazines considering I have trouble getting by as it is these days. So the only option is to wait until the next volume comes out if at all.

Pumpkin Night resumes publication


Seems Pumpkin Night will be back in time for Halloween as the series has been transferred over to MangaLine. They’ve released the first two chapters through their reader wherein it’ll be updated once a week, putting chapter 15 around Halloween time. This is great news though it’s still taken forever to get to this point considering it’s been over a year since chapter 14 came out.


Masaya Hokazono also said on his twitter that he’s got four volumes planned so hopefully that means much more chapters. Though one’s got to wonder if his split from takeshobo/webcomicgamma is what caused the series to go on haitus as I don’t think anybody actually got a proper answer considering even the artist
Taniguchi Seima had no idea what was going on.

Killing Morph Volume 4 delayed again


Seems that the powers that be have delayed the next volume of Killing Morph once again, bringing the total wait for the next volume to almost a year from last years volume 3 release. Even a few Japanese sellers have removed listings from their sites for some reason. Previously it was meant to this month or next month, though listings have been removed for the past few weeks much to our dismay. Meh.

Combined with the fact that raws of Young Champion stopped being uploaded from Japan (uploader got nuked) last year there’s near enough no way to get raws. Sigh. Hopefully there isn’t more months to wait but that seems most likely at this point.



Status Update 26-04-2018


Just thought I’d give you guys (and gals) a little status update regarding the different projects I’m currently working on.

Killing Morph – I’ve actually taken a break working on this until the third volume gets release sometime next. I forgot to say in my last chapter release.

Godo – This is another series I really enjoy working on seeing as it has miyama noboru’s trademark style all over it.  I know the typesetting isn’t the best but it’s doable for the moment seeing as it is a one man job as usual.


Doctor Mordrid – Along with Godo this has become a manga that will receive a regular release from me. It was actually meant to be a side project but I actually really enjoy it so expect more from the good doctor and his pet squirrel in the future.

Kuromachi – I’ve a rough translation of the next chapter nearly done then I’ll be doing the finishing touches. Remember this is a side project so don’t expect regular releases on this thing. I also do have scans for the first volume if anyone else wants to work on it or help our a little with redraw or cleaning.

Other projects and suggestions: Fire away if you’d like me to check something out and consider translating it. I might pick up Jigoku no Alice and maybe Freak Island sometime in the future when I catch up reading the series. If I’m missing anything just drop me a line though I think I covered everything.

06/04/2016 – Status Update

Been a while since I’ve done one of these but what the hell.

Oldman: I’ve got the next two chapters translated, the first one has been typesetted but I’m waiting on my editor.

Alpen Rose: I’ll also get another episode of alpenrose anime done by the end of this week, actually forgot about it for a while.

Those Who hunt Elves: I haven’t started on the next #thosewhohuntelves chapter yet but I’ll try and have it done by the end of this month.

Orphen: Taking a week or two break from working on Orphen, expect the next chapter in a month maybe less.

Gilgamesh: I honestly don’t know if I’ll continue working on it, I haven’t touched it in ages and it’s just not that interesting. Sorry.