Status Update 26-04-2018


Just thought I’d give you guys (and gals) a little status update regarding the different projects I’m currently working on.

Killing Morph – I’ve actually taken a break working on this until the third volume gets release sometime next. I forgot to say in my last chapter release.

Godo – This is another series I really enjoy working on seeing as it has miyama noboru’s trademark style all over it.  I know the typesetting isn’t the best but it’s doable for the moment seeing as it is a one man job as usual.


Doctor Mordrid – Along with Godo this has become a manga that will receive a regular release from me. It was actually meant to be a side project but I actually really enjoy it so expect more from the good doctor and his pet squirrel in the future.

Kuromachi – I’ve a rough translation of the next chapter nearly done then I’ll be doing the finishing touches. Remember this is a side project so don’t expect regular releases on this thing. I also do have scans for the first volume if anyone else wants to work on it or help our a little with redraw or cleaning.

Other projects and suggestions: Fire away if you’d like me to check something out and consider translating it. I might pick up Jigoku no Alice and maybe Freak Island sometime in the future when I catch up reading the series. If I’m missing anything just drop me a line though I think I covered everything.


06/04/2016 – Status Update

Been a while since I’ve done one of these but what the hell.

Oldman: I’ve got the next two chapters translated, the first one has been typesetted but I’m waiting on my editor.

Alpen Rose: I’ll also get another episode of alpenrose anime done by the end of this week, actually forgot about it for a while.

Those Who hunt Elves: I haven’t started on the next #thosewhohuntelves chapter yet but I’ll try and have it done by the end of this month.

Orphen: Taking a week or two break from working on Orphen, expect the next chapter in a month maybe less.

Gilgamesh: I honestly don’t know if I’ll continue working on it, I haven’t touched it in ages and it’s just not that interesting. Sorry.