Backstreet Girls Chapter 4 – A new understanding



Well it seems a Chilean scanlation group has picked up Backstreet Girls and are using both my scans and translation without my permission, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Heck it would be alright if they credited me but they didn’t, the casual disregard of the work and effort I put into this isn’t going to fly. You work through me if you want to use my translation and scans, you don’t go around my back and steal my work without my permission. That’s not how things work. Also I’m sure as hell not going to let some cunt on the internet use my work for their own purposes. And people wonder why the scanlation community is utter cancer half the time, especially non-english speakers.

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Anyway rant aside this chapter features their new manager talking like their old chief, a pretty nice chapter with Yakuza morals and all that stuff.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Volume 4 – Wolves, gather in the forest – Chapter 6 – The Killing Winds

Hot off the presses once again, this time we have Orphen face off against the Deep Dragons who have surrounded the village. It’s pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself, I didn’t think Orphen would come up with such a plan. Though it does pose a lot of questions about the Deep Dragons and such, though I doubt we’ll get any clear answers. Anyway’s enjoy.


Also, I didn’t expect to see people getting incinerated this chapter. Man, the book version is far different from the anime adaption which kiddied things up.

[Chang Sheng] X-Girl Chapter 7

Alas, we have reached the end of X-Girls for now. If you didn’t know already I can’t find scans or stock online for the second half of the second volume of X-Girls’s. I was using scans from a Chinese read online site for the first half but they don’t have the second half for some reason even though they have all the others, I’ve searched high and low but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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Nevertheless I’ll keep looking everywhere I can, even if I can’t find it there’s always the third and fourth volume to look forward to. And if anyone knows were I can get the second volume either in physical print of scans please let me know. Thanks for reading thus far.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Volume 4 – Wolves, gather in the forest – Chapter 2 – The Deep Dragon

Sorry for taking so long, I was busy with work and other stuff. But anyways enough of that, the next Orphen chapter is out. This time it’s mostly Cleo and Orphen’s side of the story, it’s very different from the anime and I actually like it better. It explains more of the lore and is a good read, check it out and tell me what you think of either the story or the translation. Peace out.

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Lost Universe Volume 1 Awakening Dream

It’s finally here, the first entire book of Lost Universe. It feels like forever since I first started on the series, and I mean that in a bad way. Since I’m mostly tackling multiple projects at once like a complete moron instead of doing one at a time, but hey that’s the kind of guy I am. A moron. I could present to you a detailed report of my work on the series and the challenges I faced while translation it, but who the hell would want to read that? People only care about the material they read, they don’t care about who’s involved in the production of it. Much like most things in life, you enjoy the cake but do you even give a shit about the person who poured countless hours of their life into making it. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Anyway the book is available through the links below, though you’ll have to go to Tumblr to get them if your on my blog since I get a DMCA if I put them here. The worlds just full of surprises.

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Oh and if you find any mistakes or stuff you think that needs to be fixed, let me know.