[RAW] Iga Tomoki パンツァーガイスト Panzergeist Chapters 1-3


Now this was something I was actually gonna do before I started working on Nine Lives Man. I originally though it would be some kind of mecha horror comic but honestly I’ve no idea where they are going with the plot in this considering the authors lack of experience. Maybe it’ll pick up in later chapters, who knows.




Alpen Rose Episode 16 – The escaping Hans

Alpen Rose.jpg

Yup, its another filler episode. While the last one was actually enjoyable, this one is not very good and filled with childish stuff unfitting when compared to the rest of the show. Anyways, enjoy the episode.

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Episode Description:
While on a train Jeudi and Leon are set upon by a small boy called Hans, he offers information in exchange for money. They stop in a nearby town and are caught up in his antics with the local Nazi soldiers, which puts themselves in a spot of bother.

Note: This is a filler episode