Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 52


Phew! That took a while to finish, well over 60 pages of Elf hunting fun. Or lack thereof. Anyhow I’m sure you are pleased to see yet another story of Those Who Hunt Elves considering the last one was about 6 months ago, time really does fly. This time the gang stumble upon a girl called Daisy who needs help entering a firework festival to win back her dreamboat from long ago. A nice little tale.

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Also it’s good to see Celcia-san back to being an elf at least for the time being that is.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 51

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That’s right! The Elf Hunters are back in action in yet another chapter! This time the gang are told the story a match seller who befell a terrible fate in the freezing cold. Not wanting it to happen to another match seller Celcia-san aims to prevent her terrible fate causing much ruckus in the process.

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Also TWHE is a labour intensive project of mine as I’m taking the comic apart, scanning, cleaning the pages, translating and then typesetting.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 49


Well I didn’t expect to work on another Those Who Hunt Elves chapter. If you don’t know I dropped the series ages ago because I simply wasn’t interested in it anymore. That and I didn’t really get much of a response from the community. Anyway’s I thought I might as well finish off the last chapter of this volume seeing as there won’t be anymore coming from me in the future at the moment. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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Note: This is the last chapter I will be doing for free. If you want more, it’s commission from here on out. I simply can’t afford to work on so many projects in my free time without compensation at the moment. This will only apply to this and maybe some other stuff that I’ve dropped, there will be no changes to my other projects.




Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 48 English Translation


It’s that time again, once more let’s strip some elves! Except there’s none of that to be had in this chapter sadly, this time Pichi-chan wanders off and causes a crisis. Leading Junpei to take drastic measures to cure his poop problem as there isn’t any toilet paper left.

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And I know there isn’t a release of this regular, once in a blue moon in fact. The case is that I honestly can’t be bothered working on this anymore, I just don’t like it anymore. This volume will probably be my last.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 47 – Junpei’s Big Disaster

It’s been a while since i last released a chapter, too long if fact. Anyway this chapter Junpei gets an invitation from an elf called Kate, naturally Junpei thinks this will involve stripping but it seems he’ll cause a big disaster of his own. Unlucky Junpei, always getting the brunt of everything.


Enjoy the chapter as usual. Happy Elf hunting!

06/04/2016 – Status Update

Been a while since I’ve done one of these but what the hell.

Oldman: I’ve got the next two chapters translated, the first one has been typesetted but I’m waiting on my editor.

Alpen Rose: I’ll also get another episode of alpenrose anime done by the end of this week, actually forgot about it for a while.

Those Who hunt Elves: I haven’t started on the next #thosewhohuntelves chapter yet but I’ll try and have it done by the end of this month.

Orphen: Taking a week or two break from working on Orphen, expect the next chapter in a month maybe less.

Gilgamesh: I honestly don’t know if I’ll continue working on it, I haven’t touched it in ages and it’s just not that interesting. Sorry.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 46 English Translation

Ah, another day another chapter. This time it’s mainly a Ritsuko and Mihke chapter, they tangle with an exorcist and it doesn’t look too good for them. Expect hi-jinks, exorcism’s, and more!


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Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 45 English Translation

Those Who Hunt Elves is back baby, after a long wait I’ve finally got the next chapter done. Yipee, though in all truthfulness I really can’t be bothered working on anything anymore. Everything becoming a chore to work on and it’s really starting to get on my nerves.  So I’m probably going to end up stop working on everything and do something else for a while. What will that be? I haven’t got a clue. Maybe I’ll sit in the house all day and bench press until I discover the rocks secret muscle enhancing formula. Who knows?


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