Pumpkin Night resumes publication


Seems Pumpkin Night will be back in time for Halloween as the series has been transferred over to MangaLine. They’ve released the first two chapters through their reader wherein it’ll be updated once a week, putting chapter 15 around Halloween time. This is great news though it’s still taken forever to get to this point considering it’s been over a year since chapter 14 came out.


Masaya Hokazono also said on his twitter that he’s got four volumes planned so hopefully that means much more chapters. Though one’s got to wonder if his split from takeshobo/webcomicgamma is what caused the series to go on haitus as I don’t think anybody actually got a proper answer considering even the artist
Taniguchi Seima had no idea what was going on.


Pumpkin Night Chapter 1 – Escape


That’s right! Pumpkin head got a manga adaption and this time it’s a little girl. Jokes aside my new project is Pumpkin Night from Hokazono Masaya who I’m rather fond of now. Pumpkin Night is a revenge story of a girl who was bullied and goes on a revenge spree in a very gruesome manner after escaping a mental hospital. Again it’s nice to see the author paying homage to horror films once again. You probably know which one anyway.

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Also I wanted to do something different with the fonts this time as I got bored using the usual ones so hopefully they’re suitable.