[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 4 – The Subway

Hey ho captain jack! Forward march! Haha, good times. Anyway’s looks like I’m on a roll, two chapters done in two days. Good stuff if I don’t say so myself. This chapter has Elettra fighting a mecha dude who crawled out of that tank she blew up last chapter, it’s a pretty good fight scene with Elettra getting her ass kicked 90 percent of the time. And speaking of ass.

Memes aside, we also find out the monsters can talk. Yipee, how this will play into the story you say? Who knows?


Also you won’t be seeing Elettra for two chapters, the next two chapters follow three military dudes and a child teased at the end of this chapter. Sadly this takes up all of the remaining chapters in this volume. But fear not, you shall see our femme fatale again in the future.