Chang Sheng’s Stanle Part 4

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Yep, we finally reached the end of the first volume after a few years. Think that’s the longest I’ve ever left something but hey better late than never I guess. Anyway the girls make there way towards the tower with the millenial man hiding inside, wherein we get a bit of a history lesson that’s interrupted by the bad guys.



FYI I don’t think I have the second volume unless it’s lying around somewhere so there’s obviously gonna be a wait until the next chapter/volume comes out. That is if I even decide to continue this or whatnot. Also her ass is quite huge.

Chang Sheng’s Stanle Part 3

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Now I know it’s been a good two years (yes really) since I last put out part two of Chang Sheng’s Stanle but honestly I just kinda forgot about it. Not that anyone even bothered to remind me lmao probably because it’s pretty meh. Though I thought I might as well put another part out all things considered.  Also if there’s one thing I can say above all else…it’s that Chang Sheng must be a butt man.


I’ve been looking for an excuse to put this. Anyway the links are below as usual for the two people that are gonna read this.

Read Online

Download (Previous parts are included)


So, what did you think of it? Or are you just here for the nookie like the rest of us?