[RAW] Koike Nokuto 餓獣 Gajuu Chapter 9

Gajuu Chapter 9 raw.jpg

Another chapter of Gajuu: The Beast is out! Seems the group can’t catch a break as another survivor is encountered and the beast finds where the group is hiding.




Run you daft cunt, just don’t stare at it.



Mashuri no Hako Chapter 3


Now that our plucky fellow has been released from the hospital his Mother comes and collects him lmao. Afterwards he tries to go back to normal life but as we all know good things come with strings attached.

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Also I hope you forgive me for this chapters presentation as I had a manic episode while working on it.

[RAW] (船木涼介) 覆面の羊 Fukumen no hitsuji Chapter 1

Fukumen no hitsuji.jpg

Thought I’d rip this from web comic gamma as it looked interesting. The mask itself is enough to catch my eye as is the plot which seems to have a mysterious aura around it with some mysterious group doing some kind of experiments underground. Though honestly not much happens in the first chapter though I do hope it turns into something worth reading.



Fukumen no hitsuji Chapter 1.jpg

Also the dude who is making this made a series of light novels called Survivor zero if anybody has even heard of them.