[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 18 – You only die once

With a chapter title like that you know it can’t be good, which it isn’t. Without giving out any spoilers I’ll let you know that you won’t be disappointed. Except the pay off isn’t until the next chapter since it’s mostly talking, sigh. Anyway’s the links are below so get reading.


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[Chang Sheng] X-Girl Chapter 1


I’ve been checking out the other works of Chang Sheng for some time now, naturally this has led me to his first piece of work: X Girl. At first you might think it’s influenced by Charlies Angel, but it’s actually influenced by the Japanese Idol group Morning Musume. Chang Sheng came up with the idea that “if a pop group like that could one day save the world”, an interesting concept if I say so myself. It’s got a pretty good starting chapter and I can’t wait to see where it goes. As usual, have fun reading.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 46 English Translation

Ah, another day another chapter. This time it’s mainly a Ritsuko and Mihke chapter, they tangle with an exorcist and it doesn’t look too good for them. Expect hi-jinks, exorcism’s, and more!

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[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 16

Everybody’s got their problems

Everybody says the same things to you

It’s just a matter how you solve them

And knowing how to change the things you’ve been through

I feel I’ve come to realize

How fast life can be compromised

Step back to see what’s going on

I can’t believe this happened to you

This happened to you


Haha, good times. Music nowadays is all about black guys singing about big butts and all that crap, shit stinks don’t you think? Anyway I had to restrain myself from putting music lyrics into the chapter again, I wish I had as it would have caused some epic kek. But who cares about that?  This chapter is the last one for this volume if you didn’t know or haven’t read it yet, it’s pretty good considering the stakes at hand. You’ve got to love Vincent’s “Hammer” thing in this chapter, that would be pretty funny to put in live action. Speaking of live action, wouldn’t it be awesome if Oldman was adapted for TV. Heck, I was thinking of adapting it myself and sending it to the BBC to see what they think. Food for thought. Anyway the links are below as usual:


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Also it’ll be a while until the next chapter is out because it isn’t scanned yet, we’ve got lives too you know. Not that 99 percent of you reading Oldman care about that though.