[Chang Sheng] The Dreamers of the Louvre

Now this has been something I’ve wanted to do for ages but sadly couldn’t get a physical copy, so I settled for the scans I found online. Anyhow if your familiar with the artstyle you’ll notice that once again it is Chang Sheng’s from Oldman fame. This particular short story comes from the collection of the same name, wherein a bunch of authors published their stories for some event that I can’t remember. Chang Sheng’s story features an astronaut taking part in humanities first hyperspace flight test, naturally an anomaly a happens and the main character is flung to an unknown planet where he sees the Mona Lisa and then wakes up on an earth that is not his own.

What is the connection between him and the Mona Lisa? And will he ever see his wife or daughter again? It’s a great read, you won’t be disappointed.

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Also I might be interested in doing some other Chang Sheng works though since there only way to get them is to more or less buy them I’d need support getting them since I’m practically broke at the moment.