Godo Chapter 23 – Final Chapter


The end is finally here, Godo is over. With the bad guys defeated our characters are left to embrace a new tomorrow.

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[Noboru Miyama] Godo Chapter 3


It’s really cool now that we are getting some more world building in Godo, from their religion and way of living. Very neat. In this chapter we have Godo face off against the beast of a man known as Yotonbu who has tentacles for eyes and a permanent grin on his face.


Also, if muscle women are your thing then you’ll like Godo’s version of the Valkyries.

Cambrian Chapter 17 – Reunion


As one threat is vanquished, another arises! Enter the Bato company who promises self-enlightenment seminar’s, but not everything is what is seems. The company is actually a front for the bad Cambrians, wherein they bring and brainwash the new-born Cambrians.

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Expect body horror, creepy phone calls, old men and midgets in this latest chapter of Miyama Noboru’s Cambrian!