R402 Chapter 18/END

r402 ending.jpg

We’re finally here. The exploits of our favourite job centre chav have come to an end. Honestly I didn’t expect it to end here but I guess it was cut short by the publisher due to it going nowhere. Like is Haji an Ice Demon? Why is her apartment so cold? What’s the money for? Why is Sasamoto a spineless twat? Why does Miss Cheese and Crackers love him? I doubt we’ll ever know.

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And for those still looking for a non-Britbong version go and get bent.

Chang Sheng’s Stanle Part 3

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Now I know it’s been a good two years (yes really) since I last put out part two of Chang Sheng’s Stanle but honestly I just kinda forgot about it. Not that anyone even bothered to remind me lmao probably because it’s pretty meh. Though I thought I might as well put another part out all things considered.  Also if there’s one thing I can say above all else…it’s that Chang Sheng must be a butt man.


I’ve been looking for an excuse to put this. Anyway the links are below as usual for the two people that are gonna read this.

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So, what did you think of it? Or are you just here for the nookie like the rest of us?