Mashuri no Hako Chapter 11

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More backstory this time with the Hirakata being “cured” and a timeskip of five years where the villagers start getting sick. I really hope we get back to the present time because there’s only one more volume of this to go.

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Also do forgive the typesetting I was doing this chapter on my laptop.


Mashuri no Hako Chapter 8


Now the story introduces a new character, a news reporter who’s interested in the mysterious disappearances. Also Yukito takes his lovable plant monster to meet the family. Wonder what’s for dinner?



Also I thought they could have done much more with his interactions with the family seeing as they skipped over all of it. Like wtf did they just sit there like lars and the real girl.

Mashuri no Hako Chapter 7



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Well that escalated quickly. As you probably summarised things don’t seem to be going to well for our old chapter Gunji as he’s given one heck of a mouthful of sweet nectar. Reminds me of those girls in LA who threaten to give you aids if you don’t pay them. You can put that mental image aside for the time being.



Also guess who’s coming to dinner next chapter?

Mashuri no Hako Chapter 6

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Welp! We’ve reached the end of Volume 1 and not much has really happened in the grand scale of things considering this is a third of the story. I mean we’ve barely scratched the surface of this whole mysterious box with a plant woman/monster. I suppose we’ll be seeing much more of her antics, hopefully with a body count to follow.


Also if you’ve noticed anything wrong with spelling or anything else otherwise let me know so I can fix it.

Mashuri no Hako Chapter 5


With our plucky main character taking a break for this chapter the story shifts to a bunch of teens (I think) who journey into the mountains for fun. Because that’s the perfect place to get wasted on a Saturday night. Anyhow, I like how there’s a scene like something out of Event Horizon with the teens just doing random shit while enjoying it.


I did this chapter on my shitty laptop with a trackpad so excuse the typesetting because my main comp was indisposed and I’m still looking for a cleaner if anyone wants to lend a hand.