[RAW] Magamagayama Chapter 6

Magamagayama chapter 6

Yikes! Being trapped in a well by fat old men with the ghost of a chubster to keep you company is truly true horror. Anyhow the volume release of this shouldn’t be too far off for those interested in purchasing it.



[RAW] Gajuu Chapter 3

gajuu the beast chapter 3.jpg

With the passengers of the train trapped inside with the beast outside, it’s time to shake things up as the beast pries it’s way into the train. It seems this creature isn’t your run of the mill beast considering it can open doors.

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Also with this being a weekly release the chapters will probably be under 20 pages like this one here.

Noah of the Blood Sea Chapter 8

noah of the blood sea black dude.jpg

Took a while for the next chapter to come out but hey what can you do. The site it’s usually on has also updated their security and thus I had to screen cap this chapter though honestly it looks serviceable until the actual volume comes out in a blue moons time. Anyway this chapter picks up right after the dance and things have really taken a turn for the worse as the illusion of normalcy has been removed. I don’t expect they’ll make it out of this one.

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Also guys if you can please buy the actual manga if you can afford to. All things considered it’s not even that expensive and the mangaka need to eat too you know.