[RAW] Magamagayama Chapter 6

Magamagayama chapter 6

Yikes! Being trapped in a well by fat old men with the ghost of a chubster to keep you company is truly true horror. Anyhow the volume release of this shouldn’t be too far off for those interested in purchasing it.



[RAW] Magamagayama Chapter 5

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Ouch, now that’s what I call pain! It’s been a while since another chapter has been released and sadly chapter 4 is still locked behind a paywall/coins for the time being as this is a side project for Nokuto Koike which means he’s gotta earn a little dosh like most people. So this time we’ve got a dude who seems to be quite the litter bug and well let’s just say things seem to find a way back to him. Heh, heh.



Anyway we have here another horror story that apparently has a “to be continued” so I wonder where it’ll take things. Maybe characters from the other chapters will appear, who knows?

[RAW] Magamagayama Chapters 1-3


Hadn’t even noticed that Koike nokuto had started two new manga series, the other being Gajuu if you haven’t checked it out then please do. The first chapter Magamagayama (what a mouthful) came out in December so it’s fairly recent with four chapters having been released so far, the fourth being behind a paywall of some sort until the fifth comes out. Anyhow the story revolves around a mysterious and dark mountain wherein some really creepy and horrifying shit happen to tourists and locals.

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Yeah, don’t think I’ll be hiking in that place anytime soon. Expect the next chapter probably within a month or so.

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Though honestly wtf are people heading to a mountain range called “magamaga” in the first place? Maybe their Japanese Trump supporters or simply suckers for punishment.