Alpen Rose Ep09 – Lundi’s Knight Sword

Seeing as I was behind for ages I decided to do another episode, anyway I hope you enjoy this episode as usual.

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Episode description:

Hot on the trail of Jeudi and Leon, Gourmount and his men desperately follow them everywhere they go. All seems lost until they find help from a long separated friend.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 5 – Rescuing Alice

Alice? Hopefully that isn’t a Resident Evil movie reference, it can’t be that both characters have the same name and special powers. Oh wait. Anyway this chapter and the rest for this volume feature soldiers and a little girl as the main characters, yay! As much as I wanted to dump Captain Jack lyrics into the comic I knew that I had to restrain myself, so he’ll be on the credits page instead. Hmph!


Enjoy the chapter as usual. Captain Jack signing off.