Killing Morph Volumes 1-4

Killing Morph Volume 4.jpg

Here’s all of Killing Morph for those interested. You can find the single chapters online and through my MEGA links though the compile was done by a dude over on Nyaa. He removed all the fluff so it’s just pure manga. It’s missing a few of the covers and whatnot but sure you can find them anywhere. Enjoy.

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Killing Morph Chapter 36 [Final Chapter]


What? That would be the question of the day. I mean honestly is this how they are gonna end things? Sure koike Nokuto said it was the end of “part 1” but seeing as Masaya-san has fallen out with Akita Shoten/Young Champion¬†there’s no telling when a second part would even come out considering we have no idea who still retains the rights. Meh. Whatever.

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