[RAW] Emerging Full Colour Version Chapter 1


Seeing as this was another title that Masaya Hokazono released in color on MangaLine I might just as well have ripped the first chapter. Though honestly I do prefer the black and white version of this for obvious reasons.



Mushihime Full Colour Version Chapters 1-2

Mushihime Color Version

If you saw the few images I posted then you probably guessed this was coming. Anyhow, Mushihime is in color! There really isn’t any other difference in the text or story, though hopefully Masaya Hokazono adds the stuff he wasn’t able to put in the comic later down the line.

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Also this was released on the MangaLine website/APP so only the first two chapters will be available unless someone has access to the phone APP so this will be all I’m able to do until a volume release of the color version comes out if at all.