[Masaya Hokazono] Ragna Chronicles Volume 1



On the planet Raguna, there is a music festival. With Leader at its helm, the musical group “Karriot” is brought to life by Gaia’s organ, Freya’s guitar, Seiichiro’s mandolin, and Nathaniel’s pipe…but his pipe isn’t just any ordinary pipe! The legend says of the Clausel pipe that “If you play the pipe on the night of Pavana, the moon shall be alight as the stars dance in delight.” But what does this mean, exactly…? In Masaya Hokazono’s sci-fi fantasy done in the style of legends, these mushroom man friends encounter falling stars, destroyed moons, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself!

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[Noboru Miyama] Godo Chapter 3


It’s really cool now that we are getting some more world building in Godo, from their religion and way of living. Very neat. In this chapter we have Godo face off against the beast of a man known as Yotonbu who has tentacles for eyes and a permanent grin on his face.


Also, if muscle women are your thing then you’ll like Godo’s version of the Valkyries.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 34

Well, it’s finally here. The end of the manga adaption of the first series of Thunderbolt Fantasy. It’s been a fun ride and I’m both glad and sad that it’s over because it’ll be missed but it does leave other stuff to work on such as my other projects and the side story manga which I’ll probably work on sometime in the future so there’s that to look forward to.Enjoy guys.


Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Volume 4 – Wolves, gather in the forest – Chapter 4 – Feina’s request

Now this chapter seemed like it took forever to do, days and hours on end I would just look at how many pages were left and I was just like fuck this shit. Though honestly I’m glad that I finally got it done, mostly since it’s over a month later and it’s been ages since I last released a chapter. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and continue reading.


Also if you notice this is totally different from the anime version, I kinda like the book versions better since you do get a better grasp of the story.