Alpen Rose Episode 07 – Resound! To the skies of our homeland

Honestly with everything that’s been going on I actually forgot about this, that and I haven’t even watch any anime other than the first episode of TerraFormars season 2 in the last couple of months. But nevertheless thanks to the people who reminded me about this, you probably would have waited more than two months since it wasn’t really on my mind. Anyway enough of my rambling, enjoy the episode.


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Episode Description:
Aschenbach plans to hold a concert for the Nazi’s, he aims to use this concert to escape with Jeudi during the second act where the hall will go dark.

Alpen Rose Episode 06 – The melody of red roses

Don’t feel like typing anything, not really in a good mood recently.
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Episode description:
After meeting Leon, Jeudi and him embark on a journey to find information leading to her parents. However, this leads them to the Nazi Headquarters building, wherein they must find a document relating to anti-Nazi conspirators.