Snotkop – Cool Soos Koos Kombuis [English Subs]


Now I know this seems a bit odd from the usual stuff I do but it’s something that I thought like doing, seeing as the video was lacking the necessary subtitles. I took the liberty of taking the translation which was online and fixed it up a little bit to improve flow and some punctuation.


Inside the download link you’ll find the video and subtitles in Afrikaans and English. Also if you didn’t know already Afrikaans pop is really something, give it a whirl you won’t regret it.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Volume 5 – Chapter 1


Now I know I said I dropped this ages ago but I just couldn’t help myself, I didn’t really want to leave it unfinished. Especially since I started on this chapter way back. I’m sure some of you are really happy that I’ve started working on Orphen again, consider it my new years gift to you. Anyway enjoy the chapter, if there’s any problems with it then please let me know so I can fix it.

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Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 4


Alright! Got this chapter finished off in time for tonight’s episode. Anyways’s this chapter is a little different from the puppet version as it has the bad guys going to a village searching for the Sword of divine punishment  and killing a bunch of people. It’s a nice touch to remind you that they are the bad guys.

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I’m working on the next chapter so that shouldn’t be too long behind this one.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 4 – The Subway

Hey ho captain jack! Forward march! Haha, good times. Anyway’s looks like I’m on a roll, two chapters done in two days. Good stuff if I don’t say so myself. This chapter has Elettra fighting a mecha dude who crawled out of that tank she blew up last chapter, it’s a pretty good fight scene with Elettra getting her ass kicked 90 percent of the time. And speaking of ass.

Memes aside, we also find out the monsters can talk. Yipee, how this will play into the story you say? Who knows?


Also you won’t be seeing Elettra for two chapters, the next two chapters follow three military dudes and a child teased at the end of this chapter. Sadly this takes up all of the remaining chapters in this volume. But fear not, you shall see our femme fatale again in the future.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 1 – Infection

BABY 01-2
BABY is here!  December 1, 2043 AD. The mysterious lifeform BABY invades Earth and takes control of a number of human hosts, parasitising them. The possessed bodies metamorphise into monsters called ‘Organos,’ which slaughter a great mass of humanity in a series of bloody massacres, bringing mankind to the brink of extinction. Thereafter, December 1 comes to be known as ‘Extinction Day’. While battling an Organo, Elettra, the protagonist of the story, finds that her left hand has been infected by BABY. However, aside from a throbbing pain in her hand, nothing about the rest of her body changes. Elettra begins to search for other survivors, hoping to solve the mystery of BABY… 


Now there are two downloads in the MEGA folder, one of them is a higher resolution version of the chapter and the other (Online reader version) is a lower resolution version for those who prefer smaller downloads.