Mashuri no Hako Chapter 7



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Well that escalated quickly. As you probably summarised things don’t seem to be going to well for our old chapter Gunji as he’s given one heck of a mouthful of sweet nectar. Reminds me of those girls in LA who threaten to give you aids if you don’t pay them. You can put that mental image aside for the time being.



Also guess who’s coming to dinner next chapter?


Robotech Remastered Episode 80 – Birthday Blues [1080p]

[Chillock] Robotech Remastered Episode 80 - Birthday Blues [1080p].mkv_thumbs_[2019.07.13_17.02.32].jpg

Now this episode was a real bitch to get done due to the edits in and around the shower scenes, making the episode much noticeably shorter than the rest with scenes removed and reworked altogether. Anyhow, enjoy.




Also Robotech has been added to Amazon video with a HD logo beside it though I’m unsure if it’s an upscale or not. Highly doubt its legit considering Southern Cross has no blu ray release.

Mashuri no Hako Chapter 5


With our plucky main character taking a break for this chapter the story shifts to a bunch of teens (I think) who journey into the mountains for fun. Because that’s the perfect place to get wasted on a Saturday night. Anyhow, I like how there’s a scene like something out of Event Horizon with the teens just doing random shit while enjoying it.


I did this chapter on my shitty laptop with a trackpad so excuse the typesetting because my main comp was indisposed and I’m still looking for a cleaner if anyone wants to lend a hand.

Nine Lives Man Chapter 4

Nine Lives Man Chapter 4.jpg

Gotta love her response to the caretaker robot. Also working on these chapters is taking one hell of  a toll on me considering their size, plus I’m one dude doing everything for this comic. It’s annoying considering I ask if anyone can lend a hand and you get silence I’m probably the only one who actually gives a shit. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

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Also, did anyone notice the MST3K reference