Noah of the Blood Sea Volume 1

Noah of the blood Sea Volume 1 Cover.jpg

Compile of the first five chapters which make up the first volume. Enjoy.



[RAW] Chimidoro Yakata


Chimidoro Yakata or Mansion of Blood is another one from Hideshi Hino and I’m suprised this one’s hell of a ride. The scene where the creeps sneak into the main characters neighbours house is worth it alone, it’s one wild and zany comic.


Original Title: 血みどろ館


[RAW] The Hidden Level by Chang Sheng


If you are familar with Oldman then you’ll most likely know the author Chang Sheng and his works. Well for the uninformed The Hidden level is his latest released work which first started in his short story collection which is also included in the download. I was thinking of doing this ages ago but decided against it for obvious reasons, nevertheless here’s some raws for you enjoument.