Black Night Parade Chapter 3


My lord this is a manga I regret working on, mainly because it isn’t very good. Anyway this chapter Miharu wakes up thinking that all is well with the world until the other black hats bust in and give her a wake up call. Oh and Santa is dead by the way.

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Pumpkin Night Chapter 14


Now that Naruto has been captured by Naoko he has no choice but to tell the truth about the Halloween accident. Will he make it out alive or will he go the way of the Dodo?

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If you don’t know already this is the latest released chapter which means we’ve caught up with the Japanese release schedule which is monthly/bi-monthly at the current rate. Naturally that means we’ll be waiting a while until the next chapter comes out so I hope you are in for a long wait.

Though in the meantime you can look forward to the Volume release of Pumpkin Night which will feature a bunch of fixes here and there. Also I’ll be working on Killing Morph after a long absence so I’m sure a few of you will be pleased our favorite Stand user is coming back.

Kuromachi Chapter 1


Well here you have it, a new project that I’m working on form the same guy who made Killing Morph. I was actually looking for something to do until the second volume of Killing Morph came out but didn’t much time to work on it. It’s about a father and son who move into a new town where everything is just plain weird/random as they struggle to find work and get about their daily lives. It’s a black comedy and pretty bonkers once you get into it.


Anyway it’s just something I’ll be working on the side.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 49


Well I didn’t expect to work on another Those Who Hunt Elves chapter. If you don’t know I dropped the series ages ago because I simply wasn’t interested in it anymore. That and I didn’t really get much of a response from the community. Anyway’s I thought I might as well finish off the last chapter of this volume seeing as there won’t be anymore coming from me in the future at the moment. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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Note: This is the last chapter I will be doing for free. If you want more, it’s commission from here on out. I simply can’t afford to work on so many projects in my free time without compensation at the moment. This will only apply to this and maybe some other stuff that I’ve dropped, there will be no changes to my other projects.