Mashuri no Hako Chapter 9


Time for more investigation hi-jinks with Miss reporter lady and stinky hobo! I really love it when they distract from the main story.

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Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 9


Now Sho and the gang are heading towards Kei Gai’s lair, things are a little different from the puppet version but not so much. I’m also liking Kei Gai’s manga design, it really brings out her characteristics. The same goes for the other characters.

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Anyway I had to get a little help for typesetting and redraw this chapter because I was far too tired to do it myself. Sorry for the delay.

Cambrian Chapter 9 – Become a dog



Looks like the end of this volume will leave us hanging in the wind, with both the main characters ending up in the hands of the bad guys we’ve literally no idea what they’ll do.  Well I do since I’ve read ahead and it did give me quite the chuckle, I guess my sick sense of humor speaks for itself. Anyway enjoy the chapter.

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