Kuromachi Chapter 8


Time for yet another adventure for the Kuromachi family. Now we have Koichi heading back to school after a long time and getting himself into some weird science. Hmm…tasty!

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New food stock? Really get’s the mind joggin’


Cambrian Chapter 8 – Labyrinth


Looks like the story is starting to expand in Cambrian, the detective finds his daughter but she gets away and falls into the arms of Kana Kojima, the saucy seductress who naturally fucks her. Planting the “seed” in the process. What is this seed? Who is this master? Keep reading and find out.

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Also, poor Keiko. Such a nasty place to be held. I don’t think anybody would want to be left in the Labyrinth of Desire.


[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 8 – Saviour

Alas, chapter 8 and the start of volume 2 of BABY is here! Now that all the main characters have met up, it’s time for them to band together and take the refugees to safety. This chapter is mainly talking but it does give you an insight into what remains of the human race and how the Third Squad found out about Alice.


As many of you know there are color pages for BABY but in the volume release they are black and white, I hate when they do that. Anyways it’s been released digitally in Japan and I think they have the color pages, it would  e awesome if someone could get me them.