[RAW] Gajuu: The Beast Chapter 7

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As the group deliberate their options they must find a way out or continue to be trapped by the beasts.




Backstreet Girls Chapter 7 – Impossible


It’s that time again, time for some Backstreet Girls! Sorry for taking so long this time, but I was busy with other stuff irl and other projects and only got around to getting this done now. However, there’s some good news. I’ve got a translator and a typesetter to help work on the series. So that means that chapters should come out a little quicker, at least I think so. Anyway I’m glad I’ve got a team working on this as that means I’ll be able to work on other stuff.

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[Chang Sheng] X-Girl Chapter 7

Alas, we have reached the end of X-Girls for now. If you didn’t know already I can’t find scans or stock online for the second half of the second volume of X-Girls’s. I was using scans from a Chinese read online site for the first half but they don’t have the second half for some reason even though they have all the others, I’ve searched high and low but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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Nevertheless I’ll keep looking everywhere I can, even if I can’t find it there’s always the third and fourth volume to look forward to. And if anyone knows were I can get the second volume either in physical print of scans please let me know. Thanks for reading thus far.