Mashuri no Hako Chapter 7



mashuri no hako chapter 7 chillock scans.jpg

Well that escalated quickly. As you probably summarised things don’t seem to be going to well for our old chapter Gunji as he’s given one heck of a mouthful of sweet nectar. Reminds me of those girls in LA who threaten to give you aids if you don’t pay them. You can put that mental image aside for the time being.



Also guess who’s coming to dinner next chapter?


Backstreet Girls Chapter 7 – Impossible


It’s that time again, time for some Backstreet Girls! Sorry for taking so long this time, but I was busy with other stuff irl and other projects and only got around to getting this done now. However, there’s some good news. I’ve got a translator and a typesetter to help work on the series. So that means that chapters should come out a little quicker, at least I think so. Anyway I’m glad I’ve got a team working on this as that means I’ll be able to work on other stuff.

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