[RAW] Iga Tomoki パンツァーガイスト Panzergeist Chapter 6

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Do love me some robo kino. Also love how the govt just called upon random psychos to solve their problems.



Mashuri no Hako Chapter 6

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Welp! We’ve reached the end of Volume 1 and not much has really happened in the grand scale of things considering this is a third of the story. I mean we’ve barely scratched the surface of this whole mysterious box with a plant woman/monster. I suppose we’ll be seeing much more of her antics, hopefully with a body count to follow.


Also if you’ve noticed anything wrong with spelling or anything else otherwise let me know so I can fix it.

Generation Tank Chapter 6


With the mysterious girl finally revealing her true form Kenta questions himself as they do battle with the big bug.

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Now I’m not too impressed with the direction Generation Tank as introducing a bug girl will surely shake things up but I hope that it won’t detract from the main story and make things easy for the group.