Freak Island Chapter 52


Now that the melting process is over, Tataku has got that new car smell complete with even more super human abilities like splitting his head open. Also a little guest has tagged along for the ride basketcase style.



Honestly, this used to be me on the average saturday night. Ah, to be young again.


Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 52


Phew! That took a while to finish, well over 60 pages of Elf hunting fun. Or lack thereof. Anyhow I’m sure you are pleased to see yet another story of Those Who Hunt Elves considering the last one was about 6 months ago, time really does fly. This time the gang stumble upon a girl called Daisy who needs help entering a firework festival to win back her dreamboat from long ago. A nice little tale.

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Also it’s good to see Celcia-san back to being an elf at least for the time being that is.