Mushihime Chapter 5

After their warmful embrace the story shifts to the cops that find the old mans body, wherein they and Ryoichi find something peculiar. 

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[Noboru Miyam] Godo Chapter 5


Poor Yotonbu, what a fitting end. This time on Godo we have some science guy talk from inside the government after the fight about Godo because naturally he isn’t what he seems to be and we get a glimpse of the fighers for the next match. Some Baraka looking fellow.

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Anyone not really interested with this battle royale?

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 5


Got another chapter done and dusted, yippee! It’s nice to see the manga taking different steps from the puppet version, it really makes it worth the read. Anyway I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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Also I’ve been thinking about working on the Cambrian ero-manga, it’s pretty good and we haven’t had any new chapters in 8 years. Though I’m unsure if I want to pick up another project yet.