Freak Island Chapter 48

freak island chapter 48

Here’s chapter 48, which is actually the second part to the last chapter.

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Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 48 English Translation


It’s that time again, once more let’s strip some elves! Except there’s none of that to be had in this chapter sadly, this time Pichi-chan wanders off and causes a crisis. Leading Junpei to take drastic measures to cure his poop problem as there isn’t any toilet paper left.

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And I know there isn’t a release of this regular, once in a blue moon in fact. The case is that I honestly can’t be bothered working on this anymore, I just don’t like it anymore. This volume will probably be my last.

Cantarella Chapter 48 English Translation

Really? That’s all we get for an ending? I mean there’s being lazy and then there’s being Cantarella, I wasn’t expecting closure on everything but there could have at least been a bit at the end telling us what happened to everyone. but who cares because it’s only fiction, it’s not like people became invested in the series. oh wait, they did. but you know what? I’m glad it’s over because i don’t have to translate or read it anymore. It really was a bitch to complete because I had a bloody migraine half the time from work related stress. Bon voyage, dr pepper signing out.


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