Freak Island Chapter 45


Now that the un-happily married couple are spending their honeymoon nailing each other it’s up to the Owl Twins to throw a wrench in their plans as Kanna is feeling left out-piyo. Awk.

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Also this is the end of the 9th volume and the 10th will release soon or so I’m told. Anyway, toodles!

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 45 English Translation

Those Who Hunt Elves is back baby, after a long wait I’ve finally got the next chapter done. Yipee, though in all truthfulness I really can’t be bothered working on anything anymore. Everything becoming a chore to work on and it’s really starting to get on my nerves.  So I’m probably going to end up stop working on everything and do something else for a while. What will that be? I haven’t got a clue. Maybe I’ll sit in the house all day and bench press until I discover the rocks secret muscle enhancing formula. Who knows?


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