Kyou Mei Machi Chapter 4


With the gang now safe and sound in the shelter, it’s time for them to decide their next course of action: Tokyo! Most likely ground zero at this point with the highest concentration of crazies. However, they get a smoke signal from a nearby district and they run to the rescue or suicide as one guy puts it.

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Also guys support the creators anyway you can. Simply sharing their works is a step in the right direction.


Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 4


Alright! Got this chapter finished off in time for tonight’s episode. Anyways’s this chapter is a little different from the puppet version as it has the bad guys going to a village searching for the Sword of divine punishment  and killing a bunch of people. It’s a nice touch to remind you that they are the bad guys.

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I’m working on the next chapter so that shouldn’t be too long behind this one.