[RAW] (Muroi Masane) 狂蝕人種 Kyoshokujinshu Chapter 15

Kyoshokujinshu ch15 02

As the monster chases the group throughout the hotel they must make a daring escape from the balcony.



Cambrian Chapter 15 – Revival


Wow, that chapter really went out with a bang. Also, if you are wondering about the random bible quote on the credits page I put it there because it would have sounded cool on that last page with the city but sadly it wouldn’t fit. So I put it on the credits page. Anyway I hope you enjoy the chapter, until next time.

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Also the next thing I’ll be doing will be the next chapter of Chang Sheng’s BABY so be on the look out for that.


[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 15 – Decision


This time on BABY it seems Elettra is being whisked away by a mysterious man in a cape, you’ll find out where he’s taking her in the next chapter. This chapter follows the three man squad and the refugees as they finally make their way towards the hidden refuge they’ve been heading towards for so many chapters. Inside they find out that something’s wrong, it’s quiet…too quiet.

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[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 15

Ready or not, here I come! That’s probably something Hammer would say, but you are lucky I don’t make it cringeworthy to read, mostly since it’s literal and not “Americanized” for lack of a better term. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter and are looking forward to the next one. See ya later.


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As a little bonus for this chapter I have included a small Q&A I had with Chang Sheng a week ago, it’s not much but it should give you some insight into the creation process.