[RAW] (船木涼介) 覆面の羊 Fukumen no hitsuji Chapter 13

fukumen no hijustu ch13 16

The snore fest continues!



[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 13 – Darkness before dawn

Instead of taking most of the day off before my overnight shift I decided to finish what was left of the next chapter. I’m really liking the name of this chapter, it sounds so cool. This marks the beginning of volume 3, I hope you are excited for what comes ahead because I am.

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Volume Description:

After Elettra made the decision to walk away from the group of refugees, she and DR-34 come under attack from a group of aerial machine people! Will she come out of this encounter safe and sound? Will Leon successfully lead the refugees back to his base? What waits for them there? Hope? Desperation?

Translation notes:

The new character introduced at the end is called “維特” (Wéitè) which translates to a number of things. Werther, Vette etc. Chang Sheng has written Vent in English beside the Chinese characters, so I’ll be using that.