[RAW] (船木涼介) 覆面の羊 Fukumen no hitsuji Chapter 12

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Noah of the Blood Sea Chapter 12

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Welp! Seems Kakeru has gone and done it. This was almost as bad as Blink-182’s Darkside music video. Just kidding.

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Also if you haven’t noticed this was kinda rushed on my part considering I’ve been sitting on it for a while and wasn’t really interested due to work and other things.

Cambrian Chapter 12 – Trial


Now that all the detectives are either dead or taken care of, the focus shifts back to Keiko. The head of the Manic Bar has to decide what to do with her, naturally it’s something grisly considering nothing gets a nice death in Cambrian.

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Also guess who’s back in this chapter? I bet you thought he was dead.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 12 – Doctor Nohman

Yup, it’s BABY time again. Picking up right after we left off, Elettra interrogates Doctor Nohman (one of the seven scientists who created BABY) and finds out the origin of BABY and how the current status of the world came to be. It’s some pretty intriguing stuff because I’ve never heard of a scientist getting ideas from a comic of all things.

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Also I did struggle a little at some points in the comic, though hopefully it shouldn’t be that apparent.