Cambrian Volumes 1-3


cambrian volume 3 cover.jpg

This is just a batch release of the first three volumes of Cambrian from the two groups that did the first couple of chapters and me who did the rest of the manga. Enjoy.

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Cambrian Chapter 27 – Courtship

Looks like the story is coming to a close with only one more chapter to go! Now that Professor Yamagishi and Kana have turned into some grotesque abomination, it wants to mate with Keiko and borrow her womb for some unknown reason. My guess is that Yamagishi wants to rebirth himself again or something like that. It’s not a pretty sight.

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It’s also interesting to note that the Professor left the base sequence of the Cambrian virus inside the walls of the Manic bars underground labyrinth. Almost as if he wanted the virus to be cured at some point.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 24 – Despair

As Elettra and the gang make their way into the Tower they encounter “Mother”, the first machine person, whom they must do battle with to free Alice. However, all isn’t as easy as it would seem as Mother has a rebirth ability which more or less means she can’t die by conventional means. How will Elettra and the gang defeat Mother?

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