[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 12 – Doctor Nohman

Yup, it’s BABY time again. Picking up right after we left off, Elettra interrogates Doctor Nohman (one of the seven scientists who created BABY) and finds out the origin of BABY and how the current status of the world came to be. It’s some pretty intriguing stuff because I’ve never heard of a scientist getting ideas from a comic of all things.

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Also I did struggle a little at some points in the comic, though hopefully it shouldn’t be that apparent.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 11 – Out of control


Yup, it’s BABY time again! This time Elettra mops up what’s left of the assassination type machine people, then she get’s a little upgrade from an unsuspecting old man who appears to be more than just a refugee. Find out in chapter 11 of BABY: Out of control.

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[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 09 – For Alice

Here we are once again, this time in BABY the group is moving through underground tunnels. Taking some time to rest, Elettra and Alice have a little talk. Without giving away too much details, you’ll be pumped for the next chapter. Especially when you see what’s on the last page. Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter. Until next time.

V2 With missing page fixed

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Also, AdanesTrans/BlazerScans (A translator/Thailand Scanlation Group) has begun to release chapters of BABY using both my release and translation. Even though they did credit me, they didn’t even bother to ask for permission. In future, if anyone wants to translate BABY into another language using my translation please let me know first. That way you’ll get the original Photoshop files and more.

Translation Notes:

During the scene where Elettra is playing the music box, I found it more suitable to leave the text bubble empty as the sound effect is “Dong” which is a very unfitting sound for a music box to make. Since the song in question is “For Alice/Fur Elise” by Beethoven, putting in any sound effect other than musical notes is just weird. If you have a suggestion as to what could go in there, my ears are open.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 8 – Saviour

Alas, chapter 8 and the start of volume 2 of BABY is here! Now that all the main characters have met up, it’s time for them to band together and take the refugees to safety. This chapter is mainly talking but it does give you an insight into what remains of the human race and how the Third Squad found out about Alice.


As many of you know there are color pages for BABY but in the volume release they are black and white, I hate when they do that. Anyways it’s been released digitally in Japan and I think they have the color pages, it would  e awesome if someone could get me them.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 7 – A Journey into Darkness

Finally we have reached the last chapter of the first volume of BABY, yipee. But this also means that another chapter won’t be coming for a while, how long? I can’t say as my two week break from my job is over, which means I’ll have far less time to work on projects depending how much hours I’ll do doing. Though it shouldn’t cause too much delays, I’m good at what I do after all. Anyway enough about me, I hope you enjoy the chapter.


Also keep an eye out for the complete volume 1 coming later soon. Bye for now.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 5 – Rescuing Alice

Alice? Hopefully that isn’t a Resident Evil movie reference, it can’t be that both characters have the same name and special powers. Oh wait. Anyway this chapter and the rest for this volume feature soldiers and a little girl as the main characters, yay! As much as I wanted to dump Captain Jack lyrics into the comic I knew that I had to restrain myself, so he’ll be on the credits page instead. Hmph!


Enjoy the chapter as usual. Captain Jack signing off.

[Chang Sheng] BABY Chapter 4 – The Subway

Hey ho captain jack! Forward march! Haha, good times. Anyway’s looks like I’m on a roll, two chapters done in two days. Good stuff if I don’t say so myself. This chapter has Elettra fighting a mecha dude who crawled out of that tank she blew up last chapter, it’s a pretty good fight scene with Elettra getting her ass kicked 90 percent of the time. And speaking of ass.

Memes aside, we also find out the monsters can talk. Yipee, how this will play into the story you say? Who knows?


Also you won’t be seeing Elettra for two chapters, the next two chapters follow three military dudes and a child teased at the end of this chapter. Sadly this takes up all of the remaining chapters in this volume. But fear not, you shall see our femme fatale again in the future.