[RAW] School Ghost Stories – Dangerous Female Teacher Volume’s 1-4


Raws for volumes 1 to 4 of Dangerous Female Teacher by PAJA. I was actually going to work on this but I decided against it as I’ll be busy in the near future and be unable to work on numerous projects.


Original Title: 学校の怪談 アブナイ女教師篇


Pumpkin Night Chapter 1 – Escape


That’s right! Pumpkin head got a manga adaption and this time it’s a little girl. Jokes aside my new project is Pumpkin Night from Hokazono Masaya who I’m rather fond of now. Pumpkin Night is a revenge story of a girl who was bullied and goes on a revenge spree in a very gruesome manner after escaping a mental hospital. Again it’s nice to see the author paying homage to horror films once again. You probably know which one anyway.

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Also I wanted to do something different with the fonts this time as I got bored using the usual ones so hopefully they’re suitable.