[Chillock] Robotech Remastered Episode 75 – Separate Ways [1080p]

[Chillock] Robotech Remastered Episode 75 - Separate Ways [1080p].mkv_thumbs_[2019.05.23_23.08.30].jpg

Yep another one of these. This episode didn’t really have much in the way of editing other than a small scene with blood or whatnot. Anyway, enjoy the episode.



Also it was split into 3 parts so it was easier for me to upload so you’ll need 7zip if you don’t already have it.

Robotech Remastered Episode 71 – The Secret Route [1080p]

I was busy on other stuff so I’ve only got this episode done now. I planned on having another episode out this week but I’m actually busy with work for the next four days. Man do I really hate long shifts, anyway enough of me, the links are below:

Download: https://mega.nz/#!eJlBDQSa!-yosBIy1KTHh0twWz8p7wv_s4fkV7zzCdHgazpX1naE

Opening: https://mega.nz/#!KBsizbQR

Closing: https://mega.nz/#!yYdBwA5Q

I also really like this episode as it sheds more light on Yellow Dancer and his character, the scene where his music kicks in is just so cool.