[RAW] Koike Nokuto 餓獣 Gajuu Chapter 9

Gajuu Chapter 9 raw.jpg

Another chapter of Gajuu: The Beast is out! Seems the group can’t catch a break as another survivor is encountered and the beast finds where the group is hiding.




Run you daft cunt, just don’t stare at it.



Gajuu :New Horror Series by Nokuto Koike


Seeing as Nokuto Koike has started work on Killing Morph once again, he’s also begun work on a new horror series. Here’s a rundown of the story:

Satsuki, a boy high school boy and his childhood friend are riding in an underground train until it suddenly stops. Upon closer inspection the denizens of the train discover a mysterious beast! Panic sets in as the passengers struggle to survive the beast and escape to the surface. 

The first chapter isn’t really much so far but hopefully it’ll turn into something worthwhile in the future. You can read it online here, also if anyone can rip it or knows how to then please let me know.