Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 24

This chapter is pretty much like the puppet version except it’s a little more streamlined with alternate and shortened dialog. I much prefer this version as it gives the characters a chance to emote better. You’ve just got to love Sho’s expressions in this chapter. Read Online Download Advertisements

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 18

This time on Thunderbolt Fantasy the gang enters the valley of the dead and well fights the dead. Or rather Sho does all the work. I really like this version instead of the puppet version as it’s far more focused in it’s overall approach. Anyway enjoy the chapter. Read Online Download Credits: Me: Translation, typesetting … Continue reading Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 18

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 16

I was going to make a Berserk joke with them finally getting off the boat but honestly I didn’t want to ruin the chapter. Though I/xpearse still managed to work in a funny quip from the Roaring Phoenix Executioner. It gives him a little more character I say, anyway this chapter is very different from … Continue reading Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 16

Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 15

This time on Thunderbolt Fantasy the group boards the boat from episode 6 and makes their way upstream towards the Seven Sins Tower. It’s more or less the same except the dialog is much shorter and to the point unlike the puppet version where they talked alot. Anyway enjoy the chapter. Read Online/Download Download Also … Continue reading Thunderbolt Fantasy Chapter 15