Chang Sheng’s Nine Lives Man Chapter 1


Yep, more Chang Sheng! This time it’s the first chapter of his latest work: Nine Lives man. This one in particular is an influenced remake of the manhua of the same name which was released way back in 1985, read quite a bit by students in Taiwan and China at the time. Though you wouldn’t really know that unless you are familiar with the name and the story behind it.

Anyway, here’s a spoiler free description of the comic:

Chang Sheng’s adaption of “Nine Lives Man” is here for the 30th anniversary! The story follows Meng Jiu Ge (Nine Lives Meng) as what seems like a chance encounter with a homeless man leads him to understand that his life is only one of many He will live as he tries to understand the destruction of the city and those mysterious masked people that visited him.

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For now the comic seems to be a bunch of intertwined stories which will most likely make more sense in the long run as explanations are given. Hopefully this one will be as good as Oldman, enjoy!


[RAW] Dead Company Chapters 1-2

DEAD COMPANY ch01 01.jpg

Since I was on Comic Days I thought I’d rip this one too as it’s quite neat and from the author of Doubt/Judge, Yoshiki Tonogai. If you haven’t read that I suggest you check it out. Anyway, here’s the description of Dead Company:

The story follows Miyamura, a young, unemployed man who has gone through a special experience, but lives an empty existence. However, one day he is scouted by EDC, a major game development company.

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it's a lie.jpg

Seems like PUBG gone wrong lol though for the moment I wonder how it’ll play out as the random bunny man just seems to appear for shits and giggles until I presume things will ramp up in future chapters. For a survival manga there sure is a lot of talking.

[Chang Sheng] The Dreamers of the Louvre

Now this has been something I’ve wanted to do for ages but sadly couldn’t get a physical copy, so I settled for the scans I found online. Anyhow if your familiar with the artstyle you’ll notice that once again it is Chang Sheng’s from Oldman fame. This particular short story comes from the collection of the same name, wherein a bunch of authors published their stories for some event that I can’t remember. Chang Sheng’s story features an astronaut taking part in humanities first hyperspace flight test, naturally an anomaly a happens and the main character is flung to an unknown planet where he sees the Mona Lisa and then wakes up on an earth that is not his own.

What is the connection between him and the Mona Lisa? And will he ever see his wife or daughter again? It’s a great read, you won’t be disappointed.

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Also I might be interested in doing some other Chang Sheng works though since there only way to get them is to more or less buy them I’d need support getting them since I’m practically broke at the moment.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 52


Phew! That took a while to finish, well over 60 pages of Elf hunting fun. Or lack thereof. Anyhow I’m sure you are pleased to see yet another story of Those Who Hunt Elves considering the last one was about 6 months ago, time really does fly. This time the gang stumble upon a girl called Daisy who needs help entering a firework festival to win back her dreamboat from long ago. A nice little tale.

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Also it’s good to see Celcia-san back to being an elf at least for the time being that is.

[RAW] Gajuu: The Beast Chapter 4

Gajuu ch04.jpg

With the beast prying it’s way into the train car, it’s time for everyone to escape down the track towards another train car. Will their plan to trap the beast inside the train work? Yeah, don’t think so…

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For those who have read the chapter, do you think there’s more than one beast?

Chang Sheng’s Stanle Part 3

chang sheng stanle part 3.jpg

Now I know it’s been a good two years (yes really) since I last put out part two of Chang Sheng’s Stanle but honestly I just kinda forgot about it. Not that anyone even bothered to remind me lmao probably because it’s pretty meh. Though I thought I might as well put another part out all things considered.  Also if there’s one thing I can say above all else…it’s that Chang Sheng must be a butt man.


I’ve been looking for an excuse to put this. Anyway the links are below as usual for the two people that are gonna read this.

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So, what did you think of it? Or are you just here for the nookie like the rest of us?