[RAW] Koike Nokuto 餓獣 Gajuu Chapters 11-12


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Kinda forgot to upload the other chapter I ripped last week so here’s both together. Also one has got to wonder what the hell is going on with that random dude pulling those dead bodies. Something tells me things are gonna get mystic.




Pumpkin Night resumes publication


Seems Pumpkin Night will be back in time for Halloween as the series has been transferred over to MangaLine. They’ve released the first two chapters through their reader wherein it’ll be updated once a week, putting chapter 15 around Halloween time. This is great news though it’s still taken forever to get to this point considering it’s been over a year since chapter 14 came out.


Masaya Hokazono also said on his twitter that he’s got four volumes planned so hopefully that means much more chapters. Though one’s got to wonder if his split from takeshobo/webcomicgamma is what caused the series to go on haitus as I don’t think anybody actually got a proper answer considering even the artist
Taniguchi Seima had no idea what was going on.

R402 Chapter 14

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Wow, you wouldn’t really think it’s been 4 months since I released the last chapter. Time flies when your wallowing in your own shit and waiting for raws. Speaking about raws, since people stopped sharing them I had to hunt them down which was a real pain in the ass considering muh secret club.

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Also before anyone says to put it in “proper English”. Ats us nai! Tiocfaidh ár lá!