Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 11

Man, december really has been a very busy month for me. Between working extra hours, life related issues and finding time to translate, I really have been put through the wringer more than once. Anyway enough of my woes and all that stuff, the next volume of Those Who Hunt Elves has been completed, hooray!

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Note: Working on this has pushed back numerous releases, I decided to work on this alone since I couldn’t work on everything due to time constraints. I also had to scan, clean, translate and typeset the entire thing myself.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 44 English Translation

Here we go, the last chapter in volume 10. This time the gang come across some bald guy directing traffic on a crossroad, except he gives people bad directions! It’s up to TWHE to set him straight and teach him a lesson, a good chapter with a nice message.

Btw, I’ll also be doing a volume 10 download and pdf for those who are interested. I’ve also fixed the missing pages in this chapter.
Ciaran Hillock – Translator and Typesetter
Yuri V. Matveyev – Proofreader

Those Who Hunt Elves Manga Chapter 34 English Translation

Here you go, the next chapter of Those Who Hunt Elves. This time the gang check out some old haunted house, which is apparently inhabited by a ghost. Or some kind of Japanese pun on ghosts and summer time. Okay…so where’s the elf stripping? Sadly there’s none of be found here, so we’ll all have to get our elf fetish somewhere else. I know, sad panda’s everywhere……

If you’ve got any questions or want the original photoshop files, just send me a message. Anyway’s have a good one.