Guyver Chapter 186 English Translation

Alright, here’s the next chapter. Not much happens story wise, but otherwise it’s an alright chapter. Don’t really have much else to say.


Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 10

As usual, here’s the volume release for volume 10.

Now I’ve got a little bad new concerning the next chapter of Those Who Hunt Elves, the next release will probably be in a month’s time…why? Because the scans available online are shit and some of the text is very hard to read, so I’ve got to order the next volume from Japan. It’ll probably take about 3 weeks to get here and then I’ll have to take it apart and scan it, then the translation process comes so you can bet your ass you’ll be waiting a while until you get some more elf stripping action.

[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 9

Following onward from the last chapter, Oldman unleashes smoke from his suit and threatens all the bad guys. It’s a nicely put together chapter with the right amount of tension and random bit of comedy, I can’t wait to see what happens next and I’m sure you can’t. Anyway, until next time.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 42 English Translation

Looks like there’s a bit of monkey trouble in this chapter, there’s also a fair bit of deforestation and animal cruelty. But luckily the story turns out for the best and nobody gets hurt, a nice little all round story, but there’s just one thing, THERE’S NO ELVES! How am I meant to get my fix?

Ciaran Hillock – Translator and Typesetter
Yuri V. Matveyev – Proofreader