Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 01 – Beast, respond to my call

I’ve fixed some things up and compiled the translated chapters into a word document, PDF and epub. You can find all three versions of the first book in the link below, you can also read it online if you don’t feel like downloading.


Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 03 – Spectre, Sleeping on My Chest – Chapter 7 – Epilogue

Chapter 7 – Epilogue

The footsteps were slow and rough. It was dark everywhere, looking into the darkness you would stare into nothingness.
The smell of the charred wood was intense, the entire mansion had been burned down to the ground, the only thing that remained was the basement. The smell of sewage remained, even though the heat evaporated the sewage water, the air was filled with a rancid smell. On the floor was pieces of a broken sink, shards of glass were everywhere, a peculiar body laid on the floor.
The footsteps stopped at the entrance to the basement. The owner of the footsteps lifted his right arm, and chanted:
“I give birth to thee, tiny little spirits.”
With the sound of the incantation, a small fire appeared in his hand. The room was illuminated——and so too was the person. It was a young dark haired man, probably around twenty years old. Large bags were under his eyes, they had a sinister look, as he squinted them. The youth had a quiet demeanour, the air around him was strange.
His mouth slowly opened.
“I think something is wrong……”
He said in a questioning tone. Then someone answered.
“……You mean me?”
The voice came from a huge fish on the floor. It lay there motionless, its lower abdomen was torn off, blood was all over the floor, the air smelled a little like gas.
“You really are alive, Fonogorosu. I’ve got questions, three in fact.”
The youth——it was Orphen. He scratched the headband on his forehead.
“I’m guessing you don’t have much time left for questions, I’ll try and be quick. About the statue of the goddesses, I want to hear you say it, what meaning does it have?”
Fonogorosu was silent for a moment, then he said:
“I was a heretic, an apostate——are you satisfied with that answer?”
“So you wanted the statue of the goddesses to be destroyed, I thought this place was originally some kind of religious meeting place. Maybe you cursed the gods, or lived in fear of them.”
Fonogorosu didn’t answer, he angrily asked the next question.
“I’ll ask the second question. Why did you want to make man-made beasts? Even the dragon race has exceeded their fighting abilities, and there isn’t even any war now.”
“……Like the previous question and answer. I’m afraid……an equal fighting force is needed.”
“……What are you afraid of?”
“I can’t say. He said I would die. Speaking of the dead——in any case, my body has already perished. Death no longer matters, but I want to die in their hands. I don’t want to know if the soul is destroyed. If you think you know the words——”
His voice was filled with emptiness, it echoed throughout the room.
“Then you might be able to understand it. I was in Kimurakku.”
“The Churches Headquarters in Kimurakku……?”
Orphen asked, but Fonogorosu was silent. Orphen sighed deeply, he also wanted to ask him about Ramon Fonogorosu.
He asked another question.
“……How are you able to speak?”
The fishes body lay there motionless, there was no sounds coming from it. It was exactly like a corpse. But then a sound echoed in the basement……
Fonogorosu didn’t answer. Orphen suddenly noticed that the belly of the fish was cracking open, he could see a vague silhouette——it was a skinny withered old man, he was wrapped in robes, he looked afraid. In the blink of Orphen’s eye, it disappeared.
……Maybe, maybe he became a true undead.
Orphen thought, as he quietly clenched his right hand. The fire in his hand disappeared.
“……Goodbye, Fonogorosu.”
Orphen said, he then turned around. He footsteps echoed in the basement as he walked away.
The only thing that was left in that room was darkness, pieces of glass, rubble, water marks, the dead body of a man-made fish beast, the lonely souls of the undead, and many lost secrets.
“Well, Dortin! Let’s take advantage of this opportunity!”
Vulcan shouted. He ran out of the Inn, jumping onto the road leading to the next village, Dortin chased after him. He whispered:
“……Who would have known things went so smoothly?”
Vulcan intended to get away scot free from the loan shark, as to avoid paying him the money he was owed. However, he was caught and mercilessly beaten for thirty minutes to the point where his joints were dislocated, but now he has recovered, and started running as fast as a rabbit.
Though his brother wasn’t as fast.
“Slow down, brother!”
Dortin was slowly catching up, but Vulcan wasn’t slowing down.
“Must we escape from this village?”
“That goes without saying!”
Vulcan simply answered. He held one finger in the air.
“Onward, to the hope of tomorrow! I am the Masmaturian Bulldog, Volcano Vulcan, I will be victorious!”
“In other words, that won’t happen.”
Dortin looked helpless. Vulcan hesitated for a moment, he was going to reprimand him, but he thought of something else.
“However, my brother!”
“Listen to me!”
“Back at that place——
“They tied a rope to your feet!”
“My feet?”
“Yes, a rope……”
By the time Vulcan knew what he was saying, his face hit the ground. It seemed someone pulled on the rope.
“You are such an idiot……”
“I’m sorry, but you didn’t give me time to tell you.”
Dortin said, staring at Vulcan on the ground.
“What bastard did this prank……I’m going to dice him up and cook him with some dried mushrooms……”
Vulcan slowly stood up, and grabbed hold of the rope, it was tied to a black silhouette not far away.
“L-Loan shark!”
Vulcan shouted. The silhouette——Orphen, grinned wildly.
“Seems like you forgot about someone.”
“D-Damn you, Dortin! You were the one who said I wouldn’t succeed.”
“When did I say that……?”
Dortin said, but no one was listening.
The loan sharks eyes were full of energy, he lifted his arms up.
“Okay! You owe me money plus interest! If you don’t pay me I’ll be forced to have you arrested.”
“You should have some compassion when it comes to money.”
Dortin whispered to Vulcan.
“Come on, a little further and we’ll be out of here.”
“Hey……just give me a second to……”
“I don’t think so.”
The black sorcerer smiled. Vulcan looked very frightened.
“I know, you can use my body as payment.”
 “Sure, I’ll bring you to a butcher and sell you.”
The sorcerer smiled.
Vulcan was so scared he couldn’t talk.
At that time——
A black figure suddenly appeared on the road. The persons long black hair was full of sheen, the tall beautiful woman was wearing a full body leather outfit. Orphen noticed her, he turned away.
“Don’t bully him, pity him.”
The woman threw a flirtatious wink towards Orphen. Vulcan thought this beautiful woman was here to save him.
“It’s a goddess!”
Vulcan said to her, she lifted her leg and kicked Vulcan in the face. Her hand moved to her mouth, she couldn’t hold back the laughter, the sound of a metallic object came from her bag.
“I want you to have this. Stop avoiding me.”
“What is this, Hirietta?”
The sorcerer asked. Hirietta replied:
“It’s your reward for helping me.”
It was a leather bag, it was full of coins. The coins looked a little different from what was normally used on the continent, regardless of this fact, the value isn’t diminished. He didn’t know if they were copper or gold, but he didn’t care as the bag was full of money.
The sorcerer wondered for a moment, but he shook his head.
“I don’t want it.”
“Me me me me me……”
Vulcan said.
“I bet you don’t need a woman to give you money. Stop trying to be such a gentleman.”
Hirietta shot Orphen a puzzled look.
“Just take it, this isn’t dubious money. It’s money that I’ve saved since running away from home.”
“Dubious money, that sounds about right.”
Vulcan was now trying to stand up, he tried to reach for the money, Hirietta kicked him back to the ground.
“It’s alright, I don’t need it.”
“Why is that?”
“Because I didn’t do this for the money.”
Orphen got closer to Hirietta, nearing Vulcan on the ground. 
At that moment——
“I have you now!”
Vulcan jumped to his feet, he hit Orphen in the foot with the blunt side of his sword. The sorcerers face instantly turned white, the pain was intense, he groaned out aloud.
“Hurry, Dortin!”
Vulcan screamed, as tried to break free of the rope.
“I should have expected a move like that……”
“The money……”
“I’ll make you scream so much you’ll be having nightmares in the middle of the night……”
Hirietta then stepped in front of Orphen, but he shook his head.
“How about I make it more interesting.”
“What have you got in mind?”
Dortin said, wondering if it was something mischievous. Hirietta smiled.
“Well, this man——he is very talented, even though he’s a little awkward. Help him out a little.”
Orphen was perplexed.
“No, I won’t accept any kind of him from them two. Besides, I’ve already got a partner.”
Orphen flatly refused. He then looked around, he saw that the rope was cut, and Vulcan had already started running away.
Orphen smiled.
“Hey, Majic! Did you get that rope ready?”
There was a tree across the road——a rope was tied to the tree, it lead to another tree across the road, Majic pulled it and Vulcan ran straight into it, sending him face first into the ground.
“You beast!”
Vulcan struggled, but he was too exhausted to move.
 “It worked? It worked!”
Hirietta and Orphen laughed together, this would probably be the last time they did this. Nevertheless, both of them valued and cherished the moments they spent together. Later in life Orphen would reflect on this village, and the scary ghost stories that he left behind for all the children of the village.
End of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 03: Spectre, Sleeping on My Chest
Translated by Ciaran Hillock aka Dirk Diggler
Do not replicate or copy this work without permission.

Rune Soldier Louie Book 01 English Translation

Well, I’ve finally finished my translation of the first Rune Soldier Louie book. I’ve made the translation available in Word Document, PDF and Epub, all of which can be downloaded or viewed online from the links below.

I hope you all appreciate the many hours that I’ve put into this translation, remember it’s no easy feat to translate an entire novel by yourself without any help what so ever. But what do most of you people care anyway, the internet is full of people who take everything for fucking granted like it’s their right to do so. I mean 90 percent of the people on the internet don’t give a shit about the translators or what it takes to do anything, they’ll just hop from one thing to another on those websites (you should know who I’m talking about) that mirror everything without permission. But do you care? Hell no, you’ll either read it or not, probably because it’s not porn or some other inane reason. Anyway, rant over.

Lost Universe Book 1 – Chapter 1 – Awakening Dream

Chapter 1 – Awakening Dream

“Finally completed——”
Kane finished with his operations, he stretched immensely. Then he turned to Canal, who was standing behind him.
“Phase drive has been implemented, do we still have some time?”
She asked.
Phase drive——a device which allows space ships to go faster than the speed of light.
“Yes. According to our present rate, and taking in standard time calculations, we’ve got eight hours to go.”
Standard time refers to the flow of time relevant to that of Earths, since mankind’s home world became a backwater planet, people commonly use it as a reference.
“Okay. Easy as she goes. During this time, we should gather information relevant to our mission……what was that organisation called again?”

“The Dugole Connection.”
“Alright, let’s get that relevant information.”
“Prior to proceeding, I recommend you get yourself some coffee. And don’t spill it this time.”
Kane got up from the operator seat, and moved to a small bench behind him.
A mini table appeared out of a hole in front of the seat, it was filled with steaming cups of coffee.
Naturally, they were filled with sugar, Kane loves sugar and super-hot coffee.
He rested for a while, he then suddenly found himself alone, Canal had disappeared somewhere.
“……I really hope we don’t get dragged into something.”
Kane whispered while holding a mug in one hand.
(Hopefully we’ll be able to bring that smelly kid back without much trouble……and get paid.)
Kane thought.
By the time he had finished half of his cup of coffee, Canal appeared again.
“For more information on the Dugole Connection, I’ll need access to a police computer. It’ll take a while.”
It seemed his causal tone offended her, mostly because she detected that he didn’t care.
“Done. Would you like to hear the relevant information?”
“Understood. The Dugole Connection was founded on the solar systems fourth planet, Mars is used as their base of operations, and their influence spreads throughout the solar system. The founder of the organization Duras Dugole died twelve years ago, it’s now ruled by his son Derleth. And——”
Reading, Canal began to frown.
——Now, they are considered ready to enter the criminal organization Nightmare——
Kane unconsciously said out loud.
There are few people in the Milky way Galaxy that don’t know the name, some say they don’t exist. But nevertheless, they are: the galaxy’s largest criminal organization.
On the surface, they used a organization called Gazer Concern as a front.
It seems to be a fairly common business, dating back forty or fifty years.  The head of the company is a man by the name of Albert von Stargazer.
“……Nightmare……could they be behind this?”
Canal whispered.
“Although they are a force to be reckoned with, they are still afraid of the interstellar police”
“We best keep out wits about us then.”
A moment of silence filled the room.
Kane then sipped the rest of his coffee, and spoke:
“Please give me a printed copy of all the relevant information.”
Having said that, Kane got up.
“Where are you going?”
“Back to my room. I’ll wash then get some sleep. Yesterday, I didn’t sleep too well in detention. Wake me up when we gone out of phase shift.”
“Understood. Sweet dreams.”
Kane then left for the residential zone of the ship.
Canal opened up a communications channel.
“Rail, there’s an interstellar communication for you.”
He received the phone call in his hotel room.
It wasn’t an ordinary business hotel, it was without a doubt, a first class hotel.
“……An interstellar communication?”
The front desk attendant on the phone said to him, he frowned slightly.
“Okay. I’ll accept the call.”
“Incoming transmission from Sword Breaker accepted.”
The front desk attendant’s voice soon faded.
The video phone on the wall started ringing, he looked at the screen and saw a static image of Kane’s face.
Seeing who it was, he unconsciously moaned.
A smile appeared on his face.
“Long time no see. Canal of Sword Breaker.”
As he envisioned the contrary, a picture of an adorable smiling girl appeared.
In the past he usually met her face to face with her, he always found it more difficult talking through a phone. 
“…You’re not…Kane.”
Rail quietly mumbled.
“Well, Kane is indisposed at the moment……anyway, about our commission fee, there’s something we need to talk about.”
“Didn’t Kane tell you?”
“He did say something, but he wasn’t entirely clear.  He said he got caught up in a bar fight and you helped him out, and he accepted a job, right?”
“That’s the gist of it.”
“……Is there enough to charge him for a crime?”
“Well, he did send some people to the hospital.”
Rail answered calmly, Canal looked slightly worried.
Just then, Canal’s attitude changed.  With a cheerful voice, she said:
“To put it bluntly, you used your relationship with the local police to get a criminal off scot-free.”
“Where are you going with this?”
“This is the truth! You intimidated and belittled a criminal to benefit yourself, this is unbecoming of an office of the interstellar police. These charges should be enough to get your dismissed, right?”
“You have no evidence!”
Rail’s face was full of panic, Canal smiled.
“But I’ll be willing to let this slide if you do be a favour.”
“A favour?”
He knew he wouldn’t get out of this situation easily.
“What about our original commission fee and some hush money, that should be around 10,000 credits.” (Currency in space, the author stated that the ratio is 1:1000 when compared to Japanese Yen.)
“Alright, I’ll admit that Kane messed up, but you could us 5000 credits now.”
“That’s far too much!”
“……Alright, 4000.”
“I’ll give you 2000.”
Canal smiled, both of them nodded in agreement.
“Understood. 2000 credits it is. I’ll send you my account number, thank you for your patronage.”
A smiling blur was left on the screen, as the picture disappeared.
“——2000 credits……that’s nearly double the market rate……”
Rail said, while staring at the screen.
“We’re almost there.”
Kane returned to the control room just in time.
“5 minutes until arrival.”
Canal said in a cheerful voice.
Naturally, she mentioned the conversation she had with Rail.
“Route setting and system check is complete. Awaiting orders.”
“Alright, let’s get this part started! Onward, to Galactic coordinate 1-3-A, the solar system!”
“Aye aye, phase transfer system is starting up!”
The control was filled with a low-frequency vibration, the main display emitted a blue light. And then, the stars began to shine, and space started to distort.
For a moment, all the stars that were reflected on the screen started to fade away, this moment made Kane feel wonderful.
A dark blue picture reflected in his mind.
“We care currently in FTL. Proceeding without error. We’ll reach the target in 30 standard time.”
She spoke in a directing like voice.
“One day……”
Kane left his seat, and headed towards the door leading to the residential zone.
“Later, I’m off to have something to eat and then sleep.”
“Sleeping again?”
Canal said in surprise.
Kane’s face then went serious.
“Sleeping during the day is nothing but a man’s dream!”
“A man needs to keep his mind fresh!”
“If that’s the case then why don’t we play chess, I think level 2 should be enough.”
“Don’t do that……”
Kane openly frowned.
“I’m always concerned when I play chess, I know I’ll probably lose, do you secretly raise the difficulty be chance? Sometimes it suddenly gets harder.”
If she was a human, then surely cold sweat would be flowing down her forehead, but she was very calm.
“I don’t do that. The second half of a level 2 game is slightly harder than the first half.”
“……Really? Anyway, I’m off to have some food before getting some sleep.”
Canal watched him disappear behind the door, Meanwhile Kane thought——
(Wonderful……looks like she doesn’t think I know that she’s a cheat.”
Along with a low-frequency vibration, the main display went dark.
Then, the stars slowly started to appear.
“We’ve successfully entered normal space, the whole system is operating normally. Interstellar coordinates, we’ve arrived at the outer solar system.”
“This is……the birthplace of humanity.”
Kane muttered.
Canal interrupted him.
“The radar has picked something up. There’s two spacecraft at eleven o clock, they’re heading right for us.”
“Just give them the standard greeting.”
Kane said calmly, but Canal shook her head.
“……This seems strange, based on its registration and license it’s a transport vessel. However, there’s an unusually high energy reaction.”
“What’s going on?”
Said Kane, as he straightened his posture.
“Maybe it’s just transporting energy……”
“Highly unlikely, it’s most likely a combat ship.”
“Can you put it on the screen?”
“Putting it on screen.”
Canal said right away, as a two space ships side by side appeared on the screen.
“The first one looks like a frigate.”
It was obviously very far away, but the picture was very clear.
“A two hundred meter class frigate manufactured by Leclerc Corporation. Armament, very strong.”
The screen switched to the second ship. It was a four-hundred meter transport of the same class, but they couldn’t find this model in the database.
As she spoke, a foreboding feeling came over her.
“Should we investigate?”
 “……I guess.”
Kane’s answer was a little ambiguous.
“The Leclerc Corporation is affiliated with Dugole Connection, I don’t think this is just a coincidence.”
Kane folded his arms.
——Wait a minute, we’ve got a voice communication, patching it through.”
After a moment’s delay, a voice could be heard, it sounded cold.
“This is the frigate Uranus of the Leclerc Corporation. We wish you a safe voyage.”
The voice echoed throughout the room, Kane then opened a communications channel.
“——This is trouble-Contractor Kane Blueriver of Sword Breaker, I wish your vessel a safe journey.”
After the transmission had been sent, he closed communications.
“……What are you doing, Kane? We only have sixty seconds until they reach us……”
“……I’m not afraid of them.”
Kane whispered to himself.
“……Anyway, we both know this isn’t a casual greeting. Prepare to expand the barrier. Continuously monitor the frigate and the transport ship, put them on the screen too.”
“Understood. Preparing to expand the electromagnetic barrier——“
Kane interrupted Canal.
“Expand spirit (PSI) barrier.”
She was surprised for a moment, she could tell by looking at his face that he was thinking of something.
“——Understood. Ready to expand spirit barrier.  Range of distance from the frigate is five seconds——“
Kane had been watching the screen. The frigate kept moving.
“We’ve entered within range of the frigate. It’s taken no action.”
Canal said, then sighed.
“This seems suspicious……”
“——We’re not done yet.”
Kane said suddenly.
“Maintain current status. From the very start I’ve had a bad feeling.”
“Understood. Ten seconds until the transport ship arrives.”
Kane kept staring at the screen.
At his point. The transport ship started to change.
Looking a flowing in full bloom, boom, the exterior of the transport was blown away.
(An explosion?)
Kane thought to himself, but he was wrong.
From the insides of the ship emerged ten large combat ships!
All of their guns swung around to target their ship.
“Expand barrier!”
Kane yelled.
(Damn it, they hid combat ships inside a transport ship.)
“Understood. Expanding barrier!”
As soon as Canal finished speaking ——
The ship shook as it was impacted by full gun salvo. Everyone monitors were full of bright white light.
“Target have been eliminated.”
After hearing the crews report, Captain of the Uranus smacked his lips and smiled.
Particle Cannons, missiles and rail guns. All of them hit the target at such a close distance. Regardless of how powerful their magnetic barriers are, they cannot resist.
“Hmm. Excellent work, though I didn’t expect it to be over so quick.”
He said with a sneer on his face.
“The enemy is still alive!”
Upon hearing the report, his smile disappeared.
On the screen, the light faded to the background of stars, Swordbreaker could clearly be seen.
“What! This can’t be!”
According to his understanding, nothing should have been able to withstand that attack.
“What……What do we do? Captain……?”
There was no way he could prevent the crew from panicking.
“Did we sustain any damage?”
Canal answered the question almost instantly.
“——We’re intact, no abnormalities……but ……]
“What’s wrong?”
“That attack was stronger than my shock absorbers could handle, a lot of the cutlery may have been smashed.”
“……Those bastards……what the hell! Have they no mercy!”
“Who knows……anyway, what next? Should we retaliate?”
Kane thought for a moment. He then saw the hostile ships preparing to run away.
“——They mustn’t be allowed to escape.”
“Understood. Lifting barriers! Increasing engine output!”
“Looks like they don’t want to get caught by the police!”
“Enemy fleet is turning, ready to give chase!”
Kane thought to himself for a moment, he had completely neglected the presence of the frigate!
“Shut off the engine! Expand spirit barrier!”
At the same time she said that, they could hear the ship being hit. It wasn’t just projectiles, but a spacecraft too, the electromagnetic barrier didn’t stop it, it was sinking through it.
This powerful defence force known as a spirit barrier also has its weaknesses.
When expanding the barrier to meet an oncoming attack, the engine cannot be used. Though the energy from the barrier can be used to move the ship a little.
“Canal! On my orders, eject the barrier particles from the YZ axis in any direction, then close the barrier! At the same time start give the engines all you’ve got, and commence Evasive maneuvers!”
“Understood! I hope you know what you’re doing!”
Kane remained silent for a moment.
Kane cried out.
The barrier around Sworbreaker disappeared, at the same time, the engine emitted a dazzling white light.
“The enemy fleet is shooting……”
Canal’s voice was interrupted by the sound of the hull being impacted.
“——We’re hit! Damage report?”
“Upper port side! A particle gun was graved by the attack! Minor damage!”
“Understood. Accelerate progress!”
The light from the universe started to turn into a blur, Swordbreaker continued to accelerate. The distance between them and the enemy fleet started to widen, although the shelling continued.
“The enemy is still in range……the shelling is continuing.”
“Don’t worry about them, onward to Mars.”
Sixteen hours later, they arrived at a port near Phobos, a satellite of Mars.
When they entered the port, the young male control operator on their display screen couldn’t hide his curiosity.
“All your paperwork is in order. ……What’s with all the marks on the hull? It looks like you were in a battle.”
Kane instantly muttered something.
“We were in the neighbour and got caught up in a fleet battle near Pluto! We were lucky.”
After a moment of brief silence, Canal calmly spoke.
“……It really is eye-catching!”
She said with a smile.
“Six months ago, in the Lubasi star field. The interstellar police and some organizations have a little dispute, remember?”
“Yeah. Anyway……”
Canal tried to distract the control operator from looking at the screen.
“It was careless of you to get involved……you should contact your insurance company because we might need to do an investigation.”
“……Right……an insurance company!”
“Would you like us to repair the damage? We’ve got some premium plans.”
“Hey, Kane, is that alright?”
Kane nodded.
“……Also, you’ve only applied for one person heading to the surface of Mars. Mr. Kane Blueriver, is that right?”
“Yeah, I’m not going, I’m ship keeping.”
Canal winked at him.
The control operator’s serious expression disappeared, as he fell backwards.
“I don’t……I……I understand. If there’s anything you need, just contact the control room and ask for Thomas.”
 Communications were then closed.
“That control operator……I think he’s interested in you.”
Kane said angrily.
“Obviously, it’s because of my appearance……but in this case, I really feel sorry for the guy.”
“Then why didn’t you do anything? There’s probably going to be an investigation now!”
“It’s alright……I’ll get them to categorize it under a theft report.”
“Theft report?”
Kane said.
“……It’s not like they stole anything.”
“The investigation will progress much smoother if we just do that.”
“Would you rather say that we were attacked over a personal grudge?”
Kane remained quiet.
“Anyway, be careful when you get planeside. Try not to get into any trouble, and make sure you take the appropriate weaponry with you. Take a communicator and a handkerchief too.”
“……What am I in, primary school?”
“Just hurry up and depart.”
He said as he raised one hand, he then left the control room.
Kane went through the residential area to get to the shuttle hatch.
He softly murmured, as he opened the hatch.
Aruba City, this was the first base built on Mars after it had been terraformed, now it has become a city.
Kane had just docked in the port.
Thud, thud, he heard this a couple of times.
“……Seems a little different.”
The gravity on the Swordbreaker was 1g——basically it was the same gravity as on Earth, in contrast to Mars which is only half of that. Suddenly Kane felt like he had lost half his weight.
The first thing he did was find a cheap hotel.
He locked the door to his room, he was ready for anything. Although he did bring a credit card with him, he thought it was better to bring a little cash. He also got a map from Canal.
And also——
His opponent is a dangerous organization, he couldn’t forget to bring a weapon.
Hidden in his hair was a thin strip, and a little box. Inside was a small metal tube about twenty centimetres. 
A spirit (PSI) lightsabre.
It saps on the human spirit through the amplifier on his wrist, this results in energy being pushed out of the end of the metal cylinder.
It’s a great anti-personnel weapon but it does have its drawbacks. First of all, if your opponent has a gun it’s obviously a better weapon than a sword.
This is the biggest reason why the lightsabre isn’t a popular weapon——not to mention people don’t like that fact that lit saps on your mental energy.
Therefore, due to various reasons, the lightsabre is only use by in close quarters by military and by military enthusiasts.
Kane said as he checked his watch.
“First……I’ll check out the local bar. It’s still early.”
He took a seat at the hotel bar, he got sandwiched between two women, when he went to take a drink of his watered down wink, Kane finally remembered his original purpose.
(——Ah! Now isn’t the time to be drinking!)
“I hope you don’t mind if I ask a silly question, but do you know this guy?”
Kane deliberately spoke in a frivolous tone, he reached for one of his chest pockets, and pulled out a picture.
Clay Roberts.
The guy looked around twenty years old, he had a grim look on his face, and his eyes glared at you from the picture.
“Yeah, this guy owes me 100 dollars.”
He showed the picture to both girls, to his right and to his left.
“He ran away from home after he couldn’t pay the debt.”
“……No, I don’t know him.”
“What a guy! Come on, let’s drink in peace.”
“Yeah, back off.”
Kane had just been triggered.
——The result——
He left the store with three bottles of wine, two of which were empty.
“……Next……I’ll head to another bar.”
While Kane looked up at the dark sky, before entering into another bar.
“……Do you know this man?”
The fifty year old bartender looked at the picture as he cleaned some glasses.
“——Kid, are you some kind of student?”
His expression didn’t change one bit.
“No, but I’m not a local.”
Kane said, as he handed out some banknotes.
The bartender’s expression didn’t change, even when he took his money.
“That guy does come in here sometimes, where can I contact you if he does come in?”
“…At the——”
Kane almost blurted out the name of his hotel.
It wasn’t clear whether the bartender was friend or foe. He couldn’t afford to tell him his place of residence.
“Sorry, I’m just passing through.”
Kane put his drink and a tip down on the table, he then stood up from the bar stool.
“At least tell me your name.”
Kane heard as he went towards the exit, he then stopped and turned around.
“Kane, Kane Blueriver.”
Then, Kane pushed open the bar’s door.
As he left, the door swung open for a moment.
Kane didn’t know this, but one of the bars patrons was watching him the entire time.
After he finished his drink, he ran over and used the phone.
The next night, Kane checked out another bar, it stank of alcohol and cigarettes, and so did its patrons. The music was loud and bombastic.
“I heard you were looking for someone.”
This place didn’t look very friendly, but then again these places were the best places to get information.
The man looked like he was in his mid-thirties. His face was bearded and he wore dark glasses. He was wearing a dirty coat, his hair was unkempt, this guy was anything but clean.
“……And you are?”
 “Who I am is not important. But then again, I might be able to help you, if you’re willing to talk to your wallet.”
The man exposed a vulgar smile.
——He was an information broker.
“I’m looking for someone, this is my second day on the search.”
“Well, that’s quite the outfit. It makes you stand out.”
 “Stand out? How so?”
Kane looked at the man in amazement.
“……Listen here……every day all kinds of shady characters walk around town, how am I any different?”
Kane said, he had an angry look on his face.
“That goes without saying, your walking around with a freaking cape——but then again, that shows that you have a wild personality.”
“Yeah. I’m a wild cat, okay? ……Come on, let’s head to the bar.”
“His name is Clay Roberts, do you know this man?”
After a moment of silence, the bearded man spoke.
“……Alright, 50 dollars.”
Kane sighed.
He didn’t want to pay the commission fee, it was too high.
“I’ll find him myself.”
Kane then turned to leave.
“……Hey, don’t do that.”
The man thought for a moment.
“What about forty?”
That’s still expensive.
“……I just can’t afford to spend that much.”
“Wait! We’ll settle at thirty!”
Kane ignored him.
“……That’s still too high……”
Kane said with a tired face.
“What about fifteen? Then we’ve got a deal!”
Kane stood still for a moment.
“I still don’t think it’s worth that much.”
Kane then pulled up his sleeves, and took out ten dollars.
“What! Ten dollars, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!”
The information broker cried.
“Fine. You’ve got yourself a deal.”
“Okay, where is he?”
“He usually wanders around this area, I’ll help you find him.”
The man took the bills from Kane’s hands.
“Come on, let’s get going.”
Kane and the man walked around for ten minutes.
The man then lead Kane down a small street, it seemed that the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets had disappeared. This place was somewhere normal people didn’t go, and even if they did enter, they probably wouldn’t leave alive.
“Ah……there’s another bar, maybe he drinks in there.”
The man didn’t even turn his head back, he just continued walking.
Kane didn’t ask any questions, he quietly followed the man.
“We’ll be there soon.”
They walked for a few more minutes.
In the dirty little road, the man stopped in his tracks.
In the distance, there was one operational street light among darkened buildings.
Kane looked around with a bored expression.
“……Is this it?”
“Yeah. This is it.”
A voice came from somewhere.
Several men came out of the shadows near the buildings.
Three in front of him, and three behind him.
The informant walked towards the three in front of them.
“……I can’t blame him, this is part of the job.”
Kane revealed a fearless smile.
“Oh, is that so?”
One of the three men in front of Kane said in a husky voice. He stood into the light, he was far taller than Kane.
“I was under the assumption that I would be getting the information I paid for.” 
“You were foolish to come……you may act confident, but……”
The man tried to pull something out with his right hand.
“In that case——”
Before the man could finish, a bright white light cut into the night.
The blunt sound of a shot rang out.
Something fell onto the ground——it was a shiny black pistol.
Just as Kane saw the pistol fall onto the ground, all the muscles in his arm that was holding the lightsabre tensed up.  
(Everyone will understand who I am, Kane!)
One of the men was aware what was happening, so he screamed.
But before the others realize the same, Kane had already sprang into action.
He chopped the second man’s wrist off, he fell onto the ground.
Kane then struck the other man in the gut and the back of his foot.
He fell to his knees, he couldn’t feel a thing anymore. The information broker watched in horror.
“I’ll let the rest of you guys go.”
“Sure…we won’t hold a grudge.”
Kane then carved a V-shape into the man’s chest.
Since Kane was used to heavier gravity, he did this action in a flash.
The three men behind him turned away in a panic.
But one of them turned around with a pistol, he wasn’t that far away.
Kane aligned his lightsabre in the man’s direction, he then thought of a dazzling bright light.
The light which was emitted shot through the man’s wrist.
“W-What the…”
“That guy has a laser gun!”
One of them shouted, then he ran away from Kane. The other two people followed after him.
“……You’re really unprofessional……leaving your comrade like that……”
Kane wasn’t prepared to run after them.
Kane turned around to the man who had his wrist cut, it wasn’t bleeding, but he was in severe pain.
He pressed down on his wrist, a dying man like him wouldn’t lie.
“I’m begging you……please, call a doctor……an ambulance.”
Kane sighed loudly.
“……Don’t worry. If you don’t want to die, then you’ll answer me question. Then maybe I’ll send you to the hospital.”
The man said, Kane sighed again.
“Answer me, why did you attack me?”
The man shook his head.
“I don’t know……I just do as I’m told, the guy you were with told us to get rid of you.”
“So that guy……”
Kane grabbed the man’s collar.
“Tell me! What else do you know?”
 “……I……don’t know.”
“You don’t know? Then I might as well cut your head off!”
“I’m serious! I just run errands!”
“For who?”
“An organization.”
“——Dugole Connection?”
Kane said quietly.
(But why?)
“Why do they want to get rid of me?”
“I don’t know! They tell us to do errands and we do them! If we are ordered to kill a guy, we do it without question. If we ask any questions or refuse to do the job we’d be killed.”
Kane stared into the man’s eyes.
He saw a look of terror in his eyes.
(Even if that guy was selling information, it’s not like this one knows much about the organization he works for.)
No matter how many times Kane questioned him, he would never reveal a name.
Kane gave up.
“What else do you know? Anything about Dugole Connection will do.”
“I don’t know! ……A small fry like me never meets the big man!
“Okay. But one more thing……”
Kane said, as he let go of the information broker.
“That information costed ten dollars, give it back!”

End of Chapter 1

Lost Universe Book 1 – Chapter 0 – Prologue

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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Rogue Journey Book 03 – Spectre, Sleeping on My Chest – Chapter 4 – Stupid public confession

Chapter 4 – Stupid public confession

(Everyone has a past.)
This was true, though some people would rather forget about their past.
Orphen looked around the dark hall, he breathed deeply. The windows were closed, and the room was very dusty, so dusty that you could your footprints could be clearly seen. He was in the hall of a big house, he gazed upwards to a tall majestic statue. This statue is a goddess that is worshiped all over the continent, a thin smile was engraved on its face.
“This Goddess……”
Orphen said to himself. He then held out his arm, and patted some dust off his trousers.
“Hmm?”  Hirietta said, standing near Orphen.
“Nothing……I just admire the owner of this house, he clearly has good taste.”
Orphen smiled. He stared at the middle of the statues face, it looked like someone took a chisel to its face, and it made the goddess look like she had three eyes. In the middle of those gentle eyes, there was a hole, a third eye…

Hirietta closed the door behind them, the house was then plunged into darkness. Then, Hirietta lit a portable gas lamp.
The statue was illuminated once again.
(Everyone has a past.)
Orphen repeated this in his head, of course, the same could be said about the gods. The eldest daughter of the goddess’ represents the past——the second daughter of the goddess’ represents the present——finally, the third female goddess represents the future.
The sisters of fate, the fate of the three sisters, their future is their own. But for humans, theirs is unknown. They could die today or tomorrow, anything is possible.
Orphen wore a self-deprecating smile, he was feeling sentimental. Standing in the light of Hirietta’s portable gas lantern, he spoke:
“I didn’t expect to be taken to a place like this.”
“My client wants to meet you face to face, I’ll be taking you to him.”
“I’d like to know something first——”
Orphen then looked towards the ceiling, he only saw darkness hovering above him.
“What are you in this for? Are you looking for someone?”
“You’re from the Tower of Fang……aren’t you, Krylancelo?”
As soon as Orphen heard that name, he turned around to face Hirietta. Her face was full of mischief, her brown eyes flickered.
“I’m looking for a man, the strongest black sorcerer on this continent……Childman, his name is known all over the land.”
“Don’t say his name.”
Orphen wanted her to stop. But it seemed Hirietta wasn’t done yet.
“However, five years ago he left the Tower of Fang for an unknown reason. There’s all sorts of rumours flying around, they say that he was deemed too powerful for the elders to handle, so they sent the Thirteen Apostles after him. Anyway, that’s just a rumour.”
She then winked at him.
“In the western side of the continent, he went on a search for a missing person, even though that person was said to be dead. The Demon Sorceress——”
“Shut your mouth!”
Orphen was getting impatient, he grabbed Hirietta’s arm. He desperately wanted to hold back his feelings, but he couldn’t.
“Don’t call me Krylancelo! Starting five years ago, I became Orphen. I left the Tower of Fang because I wanted to. Also, that name——
Hirietta wasn’t intimidated by his scowl. In fact, she was enjoying this. Orphen went on to say:
“Every name has a meaning. I am Orphen, Krylancelo no longer exists! No matter who calls me by that name……I won’t accept it.”
Orphen said his piece, he was ready to let go of her hand——but Hirietta’s hands were faster than his, she put her other hand on top of his.
“You are like a chirping bird, except no one is listening.”
“And you are nothing but foolish dog Hirietta! Unable to complete a mission Hirietta! Of course, you tell people these are nothing but lies, but it’s the truth. You always betray ninety percent of the people you work with. If you are commissioned to kill someone, you’d help them escape. If you are assigned to escort someone, you’d disappear and leave them. The only thing you are good at is killing sorcerers.”
“……I know.”
Hirietta agreed with him. She gently let go of his hand.
“Alright, let’s continue walking. We’re going……to an underground room, okay?”
Orphen found it strange to see her this way, she was blushing. Using the faint light of the gas lamp, they made their way around the house.
This house had been abandoned a decade ago. When people lived here, they had their servants clean every part of the house until it was spotless. The owner of the house had no relatives, he lived together with a few servants and assistants.  
However——that time had long since pasted. It was dark, they could hear a sharp cry and the tapping of little feet, there was probably a large group of mice nearby. Orphen brushed multiple large cobwebs out of their path.
Hirietta’s mood then changed.
“You know——if you go west from here, you can find a village that’s not on the map. The locals call it Rain Dust, that means the debris of the times, it also refers to the residents who live there. Simply put, their homeland was destroyed by sporadic fighting. They’ve had to rely on their own strength to survive……over time, they unknowingly formed a village, that’s where my home is.”
Upon hearing this, Orphen muttered:
“……Funny, my hometown is also in that area.”
“Your hometown? You call yourself Orphen, do that mean you were an orphan?”
Hirietta was surprised. Orphen took a deep breath, and said:
 “I don’t generally like to talk about my past, but this time was an exception.”
She shrugged.
“When I left the village, I was just a boring fifteen year old——simply put, I ran away from home with a simple bag. I kept running until I reached another village, this village……”
“Fifteen years old……”
Orphen said out aloud, he then looked at Hirietta and tried to guess her age.
“I see, so did this happen ten years ago?”
“You’re wrong. It was nine years ago——”
“We’re not that different…”
Orphen said. Hirietta laughed——
“Sometimes the difference can be very big.”
She said, but then she seemed sad. Orphen looked at her, then a bug dropped on him from above, he started scratching his head.
“If I left the village a year later, I probably would have never met him.”
Orphen said, as he tried to get rid of the spider in his hair.
“Yes. I fainted when I reached this village, he took care of me…Sami.”
Just as she said that name, he mouth suddenly shut. Orphen didn’t say anything, but he remembered that name from somewhere.
At the same time, he got the spider and threw it to a group of rats behind him, there was lots of noise as they fought over it.
They had been walking in the house for a while——they had walked down a small hallway until they reached the kitchen, they then came to a pair of stairs leading to the cellar.
“If you came here a year later, how would you not meet this Sami?”
Hirietta’s answer was very simple.
“That’s because……he died a year after I met him.”
(……This guy, since he’s dead, I shouldn’t encroach upon this touchy subject.)
Both of them slowly went down the stairs silently.
Because the rainy season had just passed, the staircase was wet——not just wet, but hot. Orphen realized this when he touched the wall, he wiped his hands on his leather trousers. The further down the got, the thicker the moisture became. 
Orphen felt that his patience had reached his limit.
“I say, what happened to this Sami guy?”
When Hirietta answered, she didn’t look back——he didn’t know what her expression was.
“He was the assistant to the owner of this house. The owner was from the Tower of Fang, he was exiled to this village……his name was Fonogorosu.”
When she finished, they had reached the end of the stone stairs.
Ahead of them was an iron door. Hirietta extinguished the gas lamp.
Darkness consumed them.
“……What are you doing?”
Orphen casually asked. Hirietta took a deep breath, and shrugged her shoulders.
Her hands reached for the door, she found the handle and opened it. The heavy door emitted a loud creaking sound, a gust of wind flew out of the room as she opened it.
The air smelled terrible, it was rancid water.
Looking into the room, they saw a faint light. It looked like a huge ball of fireflies, but there was nothing holding it in the air.
On the right hand side of the room, there was three layers of wooden boxes. They were arranged very neatly——it was one meter tall, the boxes looked very strong, and were tightly sealed. Then…
“This is the manufacture date? Red Light Emperor thirty-eighth year……a decade ago?”
This surprised Orphen, Hirietta had a serious look on her face, she was biting her lip.
Orphen then navigated his way through the boxes until the basement became very narrow, he saw a another very large box——
No, it wasn’t a box——Orphen was stunned for a moment, it was a huge glass sink, it was backed up against the wall, and was about two meters high. All the sides of the sink were covered in moss, some places seemed to have been cleaned. The sink was also full of water, Orphen didn’t dare look into it.
 “Here it is——”
Hirietta’s demeanour changed as she entered the room. She reached for the ball of light.
“Here is Fonogorosu’s……niches?”
Orphen said. Then——
“That’s right.”
A reply came from the sink.
“You finally came. I’ve been waiting a long time for you to come……I am Kiev Fonogorosu, the exiled researcher from the Tower of Fang.”
“This is Vulcan’s first chamber of commerce meeting! I’ll become rich by collecting drops pieces of metal from the ground!”
On a white sheet, several characters were written, he turned it into a flag. Vulcan walked forward with five children tailing behind him, they kept staring at the road.
It was a scorching afternoon, Vulcan walked with the children and picked up any scraps they could find, everything they found they sold.
Now there was a queue in front of Vulcan, it was more children who wanted to join his business. Meanwhile, Dortin was with three children who were putting bent nails and other metal scraps into the wooden box. He didn’t know how much all of the junk would be worth on the market, but one thing he did know was that it won’t be good. A few days later, Dortin was tortured by Vulcan for sleeping on the job, it was unavoidable. 
Then, they noticed two familiar faces coming towards them. One of them was wearing a light blue shirt and jeans, it was Cleo. The other person was wearing all black, he was a teenager. Dortin searched in the depths of his memory for his name.
(……Um…Magic, right? He’s a student of that loan shark.)
The two people noticed them, and ran across the road towards them. Cleo raised her slender hand and said:
“……Hello there.”
Dortin stopped to say hello. Vulcan and his “chamber of commerce” slowly disappeared.
 “Out for a walk?”
“No……we’re looking for Orphen. He suddenly disappeared.”
Cleo said, as she sighed.
“I haven’t seen him today. Have you checked with the police?”
“Yeah, but he went out with that assassin and never came back.”
Those last few words sounded very forced. Dortin was intrigued by the mention of an “assassin”.
Majic replied:
“Ah——that——no, that tall and long haired woman, she appeared in our hotel room the other night.”
“That person, I remember……”
Dortin tried to remember what he could.
Cleo glanced towards Majic and whispered:
“We need to hurry and find Orphen——that woman, she was sent to kill Orphen. She has weapons with her, remember?”
(Compared to an assassin, I’m more afraid of Orphen than an assassin……)
“I’ll help you find——”
Dortin was saying, then suddenly——
Someone screamed.
Looking forward, they saw Vulcan fall to the ground clutching his flag——a man knocked him down, the other children scattered. 
“Out of the way!”
The man shouted as he ran, everyone calmly watched him. He had a short beard, and looked like he was old.
He then tripped and went flying towards Cleo, she deflected his approach with a spin kick, and her foot struck him directly in the nose.
Majic who was standing next to Cleo began to shout.
“Ah, he’s bleeding!”
Blood was spewing from the man’s nose, he then exclaimed:
“What are you doing?!”
“Shut up!”
Cleo rushed over to the man, he was getting up from the ground.
“What are you doing?! You appeared out of nowhere and almost trampled the kids!”
“He was running scared, he just happened to run into them……”
Majic whispered, Cleo looked back at him, she didn’t care for his opinion.
“Listen, little girl——now is not the time to be talking!”
The man waved his arm, as he stood up.
Seeing that the box was overturned and the metal scraps were everywhere, the little children desperately tried to gather them. Meanwhile, Vulcan was wailing senselessly.
In short, no one was injured. Then, Cleo began to shout:
“Now is certainly not the time to talk! We’ve got to protect Orphen from that promiscuous assassin!”
Majic said, his eyes half open.
Hearing this, the man quickly grabbed Cleo’s wrist.
“An assassin? I’ve got no time to babysit you kids——”
He stooped mid-way, as if he remembered something.
“Did you just say, Orphen?”
Cleo tried to shake his grasp.
“Don’t touch me, nosebleed man!”
Whack! Cleo headbutted the man.
The short bearded man fell to the ground once again.
“You are so annoying!”
Cleo said, then she let Majic take a look at her head.
“Hey, are you okay?”
Dortin said as he ran towards the man, he could tell that he was obviously the victim here.
He pressed down on the man’s nose, he groaned.
“You asshole——dirty bitch, you won’t get away from Kozen the shadow——
It seemed that the man’s name was. Dortin asked him once again:
“Are you okay?”
“Uh-huh, by the way, got any toilet paper?”
“I’m sorry. No.”
Kozen groaned as he stood up, he then pulled out a knife. When Cleo saw this, she stepped backwards.
“Come on, there’s no need for something like that.”
“I don’t like to fight with women and children, but I can’t ignore what you’ve done.”
Kozen stepped towards Cleo.
“Can’t you just forgive me this one time, Mr. Nosebleed? it was just a joke.”
“You better draw your sword!”
Kozen said, as he waved the knife at her.
“Actually, seeing that you are affiliated with Orphen, I should take you hostage!”
Dortin looked at Kozen and said:
“Is this really the right time for that sort of thing?”
Kozen stood frozen for a moment, he had made his decision.
Then, suddenly a crowd started to gather. The children’s parents came after they heard the children crying loudly. Vulcan couldn’t’ find a safe place to hide, so he just watched with the rest of the crowd. He also shouted:
“Have no fear! The security of the business is guaranteed by that guy with the glasses!”
(Is he talking about me?)
Cleo then hid behind Majic, and shouted:
“Orphen was right, you must be one of those assassins he talked about……”
“Master said that more than one person wanted him dead, Cleo.”
Majic frowned, as he looked at Cleo.
However, Kozen was enraged.
“How dare you lump me in with those guys! Unlike them, I’ve made a name for myself!”
“Well, sounds like you’re pretty famous.”
“Of course! I am the ash mercenary, the shadow which runs to the coast——Kozen!
Dortin took a fighting posture, and said:
“You’re about to kidnap someone, your name will be in the newspaper……”
“That, and we’ve seen your face.”
“Shut up!”
Majic said, he didn’t want this to end bloody.
“Come on guys, calm down. Let’s all count down from ten, nine, eight, seven, six……”
The assassin thought this was stupid. Majic closed his eyes, and slowly counted down.
“Five, four, three, two, one——”
After the countdown of ended, the young blond boy shouted:
Sword of Light, whom I do release!
Majic extended his hand, a white flash of light flew out and struck Kozen.
Majic looked at his hand.
“Looks like I wasn’t concentrating properly.”
“You’re useless.”
Cleo said, as she grabbed Majic’s shoulder.
“Who’s useless? At least I tried to do something.”
“You little bastard, how dare you try something like that.”
Kozen shouted, as he charged Majic with his single-handed sword.   But Cleo was faster, she met Kozen’s attack before it struck Majic, she used her sword to shield him.
Dortin was watching the whole thing, he wondered what he could do——but there wasn’t enough time. He remembered that one time where he read a book about people fighting, one of the men was cut down as soon as he pulled out his weapon. But he didn’t know if this fight would end the same way.
Cleo had been trained to use a sword——but now the assassin had disarmed her, if would be impossible for her to win if she fought without a weapon. Even Majic couldn’t do anything to stop the assassin, simply put, they were on the verge of despair.
The only thing Dortin could do is throw stones, that’s the best he can do in this situation.
(Damn it.)
Dortin picked up a stone off the street, he threw it in the direction of the assassin. After a few seconds, the assassin cried out in pain.
It was then that they saw the back of the assassin, it had disappeared. Though if you looked closer, you could see a black shadow covering his entire back. Kozen collapsed onto the ground, and started twitching wildly.
“Damn it, it followed me!”
Dortin looked around to the others——the children and their parents had run away. Their positions were taken by other onlookers.
“What’s going on?”
Cleo said slowly. No one answered. No one wanted to answer.
Then suddenly——black armour encased the assassin and sent him flying into the air, then it pummelled him into the ground, he didn’t move after that.
A hole then appeared in Kozen’s shoulder, and a black mist poured out.
The mist started to take a human shape, then someone in the crowd shouted:
“It’s the curse of Fonogorosu!”
With this cry, the crowd started to scream and run away. Dortin could hear the dead spectre whispering something.
“You——yesterday I didn’t notice you——you sorcerer!”
The ghost took on the appearance of a nervous young man, it turned to Majic, and said:
“Find him——find Fonogorosu!
“Aren’t you Fonogorosu?”
The spectre ignored him, it just raised its arms and cried:
“The debt must be repaid!”
A gust of wind was sent out in all directions——for a moment, it was like the area was stuck by a small tornado. Dortin watched as the villagers ran around in a panic, shouting, screaming, and shouting all kinds of things.
Then, the winds stopped.
The crowd was gone, Vulcan was lying on the ground, but the assassin, Cleo, and Majic were gone, the black armour and spectre was too. 
“How……how did I get myself into this?”
Dortin sat on the ground, he didn’t know what to do. He fixed his crooked glasses, and said:
“This is a great day, an assassin and a ghost appears……when did it all go wrong?”
This sentence didn’t make much sense, but it was the only thing that came to mind for Dortin.
He then slowly approached his brother Vulcan, who was lying on the ground.
“Brother, brother, brother.”
Dortin started to shake Vulcan.
“Cleo and Majic, they’re gone!”
Vulcan sat up, and began rubbing his head, while saying:
“Hmm………it seems the ghost captured them.”
Dortin looked around. He seemed to think of something.
“……I think we should tell that loan shark……”
He didn’t say his name. But Vulcan knew who he was talking about, he reluctantly said:
“I just know he’ll blame us.”
“He might not cause trouble for us……”
Vulcan ignored him.
“You know how he is, he’ll probably try and shove a shake down our throats.”
“But it wasn’t our fault.”
Vulcan sighed, then both of them looked upwards into the sky.
Orphen said, with a hand on his chin. The sink was covered in moss, he couldn’t see what was inside.
“My father——Kiev Fonogorosu, do you know him?”
There was an eerie noise coming from the sink——if you looked carefully, you could see the sound was coming from an elongated cylindrical tube above the sink.
He looked back, Hirietta rushed towards him.
“Is it alright if I leave?”
Although she asked, it seemed he knew in advance that she would say such a thing——she squinted one eye, and gave him the same mischievous smile as usual.
Orphen slowly sighed.
“The next part is to be spoken only between members of the Tower of Fang.”
He agreed, and she left the room. Leaving behind a heavy thud of the closing door.
Orphen then turned around to face the sink.
“I don’t know much about Fonogorosu, all I know is that talk about him and his work was made taboo by the elders…”
He fiddled with his dragon pendant——proof that he was from the Tower of Fang.
“My teacher, he expressed interest in Fonogorosu’s research for some time. I have seen some information.”
“For some time?”
Orphen irritably scratched his head, and said:
“Fonogorosu’s research, he wanted to elevate human kind to another existence. My teacher, Childman——”
He paused for a moment, thinking about what he would say next.
“He said that when Fonogorosu was born, he was more advanced than any other human. He had the intelligence of a few hundred year old geniuses.”
“I see……”
The sink was intrigued by this information.
“If that is true, father probably would not have completed his work. But that’s where you’re wrong, his research wasn’t about brining humanity to a higher plane of existence.” 
“What did you say?”
“Because of his findings, Kiev Fonogorosu’s research was not recognized by the Tower of Fang——every night he repeated this. He…”
The tone of the sinks voice changed, it now spoke quietly.
“He was able to overcome the Dragon Race and make a fighting biological organism.”
“Able to overcome the Dragon Race, biological……”
Orphen repeated.
“About the Dragon——”
When the sink spoke next, it was almost poetic:
“In ancient times——when the gods on this continent had magic, there was six races who stole their magic. Afterwards, humans gained the ability to use magic from mixed race breeding with the heavenly beings……their descendants, my father and you among others……gained the ability to use magic.”
“Your father and me?”
Orphen said.
“Can you use magic?”
“No. Although I am the child of my father, I did have the potential to use magic. But my father didn’t give me the relevant training, he was too busy with his work.”
The voice now spoke in a self-deprecating manner.
“So……there’s no way for me to deal with a man-made beast.”
(Man-made beast……)
Orphen said in his head, he wondered if everything that’s happened up to this point was because of this man-made beast. If so, then——
Orphen snorted.
“Don’t be silly——there’s no way something that can be created is better than the magic of the Dragon Race, their fighting power is far beyond anything humans can imagine.”
“Then, you will survive, won’t you?”
The sink said calmly, then Orphen stopped talking. The room suddenly went quiet, the lights flickered.
“The man-made beast was only a test subject……father wanted to phase it out in favour for a more powerful man-made beast. It could be said, that this is evolution. Did you know? Long ago——when humans got magical powers, they weren’t that powerful. But as time goes on, their strength continues to grow……however, even now, they still cannot overcome the Dragon Race.”
“But there’s only so much humans can achieve. Recently, the number of powerful sorcerers have decreased when compared to the past.”  
“All will be eliminated, at least I think so.”
The voice from the sink said in a quiet tone. Orphen became agitated as he looked at the tube above the sink, it was making noise——he saw that the tube went upwards through a hole in the ceiling, it must lead somewhere outside. 
“The next step of human evolution, is not to save the past……but to improve the present by sacrificing it. But such steps will not save the high level sorcerers from being born, at the present rate of evolution, such a tragedy cannot be avoided……”
“Is this your father’s point of view?”
Orphen said, as he crossed his arms.
“Yes. Yes. My father wanted to challenge such a tragedy. That’s why accelerated evolution is needed.”
“I would like to say I have no interest in such a thing. But, because of these reasons the goddess’ in the hall are marked, it’s so sad, they were antiques.”
Orphen joked, but he didn’t get the response he wanted. The sink continued talking as if he said nothing.
“As a result, my father died. He really wanted to enhance human values, but in the end he couldn’t control the monster he created. Father called it a man-made beast, I called it a failure. Then in father’s study, he did something unimaginable.”  
“……In layman’s terms?”
“He did something foolish.”
The sink said flatly.
“It was criminal, dozens of people were sacrificed for his research.”
Orphen thought about the celebrity who built the Inn——and his tragic death outside the village. Although it didn’t matter, he had to ask.
“……How many victims?”
“Just count the number of wooden boxes.”
Orphen looked at the pile of wooden boxes. At first glance——there was likely more than a dozen, but less than twenty.
“A box for animals——snakes, rabbits. Three elements were put in the box, simply put, a body was wrapped in two or three monster eggs. I don’t know the production methods, but father wanted to investigate the artificial creation of an animals fighting ability, he conducted human trials in secret. He would open the boxes from time to time, watching the parasite eat the body and grow to full size. This was the only way to keep an uncountable monster.”  
“Wait, hold on a second——”
Orphen thought of something.
“Wouldn’t this process result in all kinds of monster?”
“Yes. For example, a huge snake.”
Orphen remembered something from yesterday, he saw Dortin come into his room with a wooden box, it had a large snakeskin in it.
When Orphen told the sink this, it wasn’t pleased.
“I see——Hirietta never mentioned this, nor did she speak of any man-made beats in the village……”
“That wooden box——my father called that artificial beast’s box…Pandora’s Box. Some of his other experiments are unaccounted for, some were lost in the disturbances, some were most likely stolen by thieves……this room, even if something was taken right in front of me, I would be helpless. Your friend probably found one of the boxes which were thrown in the forest. I’m unsure if he let the creature out of if it was already open, this is troubling……”
“Damn it!”
Orphen cried out, as he squatted on the ground.
“A monster——that stupid raccoon dog, one day I’ll kill him!”
Of course, he’d have to recover his money first.
“……I see, there must be three of these man-made beasts in total. A spectre, a snake man, and a hand.”
“The first one is Samii.”
“As for the snake man, that’s Kikyuimu. The hand is……Kenkurimu. Also, Accelerator might have been in the same box.”
“What…the names don’t matter!”
Numerous memories ran through Orphen’s mind. Round and round, these memories circled him until he was forced to recognize them.
(Samii, he must have been Fonogorosu’s assistant. Is that why he’s a ghost, because Fonogorosu failed in his experiments. He sacrifice all those poor people, he secretly used humans in his trials.)
Orphen couldn’t help but think of all the pain and suffering that Fonogorosu caused on those people.
“Fonogorosu transformed his assistants into terrible creatures!”
Orphen instinctively shouted.
The sink went silent——Orphen walked towards the sink covered in moss, he then punched the glass.
“Answer me! Did he succeed turning those people into specialized combat weapons!”
“Don’t give me any of that crap!”
Orphen punched the sink again. This time he hurt his fist, it started bleeding.
“You aren’t his son! You are Fonogorosu himself!”
He had no proof to back up his claim, but the sink didn’t do anything to defend itself. Orphen went on to say:
“Fonogorosu may have had loved ones! But he hated humans, that’s why he used them as test subjects! He transformed Samii into one of those creatures!”
“……If that’s the case, then you should be able to handle them, after all you have received combat training as a sorcerer……Krylancelo.”
The sink said calmly, Orphen stopped hitting the sink, and took a step backwards.
“Based on the information Hirietta gave me……I want to see if you can——help me dispose of the man-made beasts. You were thoroughly trained in the Tower of Fang, you have a variety of weapons in your arsenal. It’s said that you can kill people with your bare hands, even if you don’t remember, I bet your body still remembers those tricks. How is fighting a man-made beast any different than a person?”
“My teacher……”
Orphen clenched his dragon pendant, his voice now hoarse.
“My teacher, he was a genius. Just as tough as any monster. Even though he wanted his students to inherit his skills, but none of them were ever a match for him……”
He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and went on to say:
“So he taught each student different things. I just happened to learn fighting techniques, but even so, he still wanted me to achieve more. He nurtured my abilities, not manufactured them. And——
Orphen clenched his teeth.
“I am not Krylancelo, I am called Orphen!”
Just as he finished, he heard a noise——it came from above him.
As he thought at that, suddenly——
From the hole above the sink, something fell and landed in the sink.
Muddy water flew out of the mossy sink, and hit the ceiling, Orphen couldn’t help but shout.
Sword of Light, whom I do release!
A wave of light and heat hit the sink, it exploded. Glass fragments flew about the room and sewage poured onto the floor, Orphen them saw a familiar person in the sink.
Orphen was covered in moss as he grabbed his apprentice from the water. Majic coughed for a while, you could clearly see there was tears in his eyes.
“Master! Where did you go?”
He cried. Orphen didn’t know what to say, but he knew he had to apologize.
“I-I’m sorry.”
“Sorry isn’t good enough! Cleo’s dead!”
Those words suddenly beat Orphen senseless. He pretended not to understand——he then saw something at his feet. Majic looked down too.
At his feet, was a big fish about two meters in length. From his point of view, it looked like a tuna. But this fish had features unlike any other he had seen, the fish had red gills which started to swell——it couldn’t breathe, it lay there motionlessly.  
The fishes belly——was white, it looked wrapped in shiny silver scales, and there was a human shape beneath the fish scales. It was like a snake swallowed someone, the fish’s entire body was swollen like a snakes too. A nose and mouth was pressed against the skin, though you could only see the outline, it seemed this person and the fish were stuck together. It’s mouth opened slightly, there was a hose in its mouth. The hose was long enough for anyone to see, it went from the fishes mouth to the sink.
But even now, the fish didn’t move.
“What is this……?”
Majic asked, as he pulled pieces of moss off him.
“What the hell. He transformed himself into an animal……the fool.”
“This was probably Ramon——or Fonogorosu……I’m not sure.
Orphen could feel the atmosphere change, the hairs stood up on the back of his neck.
From the ceiling came a blanket of darkness, it slowly came towards them.
“Did you think you could escape——Fonogorosu——”
He then looked at Majic, he was trembling.
“I saw an opportunity to escape, I jumped into the shaft……but Cleo——”
He could not go on. Majic’s eyes were filled with tears, he entire body was trembling.
“You’re looking for Fonogorosu? Sorry, he’s already dead.”
But the spectre——Samii stubbornly shook his head and said:
“That man——that beast——wasn’t Fonogorosu—— “
(This isn’t right……what the hell is going on?)
Orphen clenched his fists, he didn’t know what kind of magic would be useful against a spectre, only God knew……
At that time, a voice came from behind Orphen——it was Hirietta, she said:
“Welcome, Orphen. Let me explain something——this is my real client. Samii.”
End of chapter 4

Rune Soldier Louie Book 1 Chapter 3 – Broken Wand

Chapter 3 – Broken Wand

1. Ancient Wood
“You broke your wand?”
Louie’s door was suddenly opened, and the female magician called Ila rushed in.
Louie was doing abdominal exercises, his entire upper body was naked.
(This woman, she just walks in casually.)
Though, Louie never does lock his door.
Seeing the glasses lying on his bed, Ila relaxed herself. Meanwhile, Louie got up and put on a shirt.
“You have such a great physique, why do you still exercise?”
“Oh, I’m not exercising.”
It seemed she didn’t understand that he was simply keeping in shape.
“Anyway, I’m not interested in muscular men……”
Ila said to herself. She then closed the door behind her, and walked straight over to Louie.
“What’s this I hear about your wand?”
“Oh, I broke it.”
Louie had a helpless look on his face.
He used the wand when he fought the goblins, he bashed the goblins in the head with it, thus breaking it two.
“It broke into two halves!”
After listening to Louie giving his explanation, Ila didn’t want to believe it.
“Your wand is broken, just like how I broke my hand.”
Ila was dressed in the usual magician garb, except she had her sleeves rolled up, she was pointing to her wrist.
Her skin was white, it was really quite fine.
“A wand is very important!”
A magical wand is proof that you belong to the Magician’s Guild, it could also be said that it’s the spirit of a magician. Without a wand, you might as well resign from being a magician.
“What will you do?”
“I’ll get a new wand made.”
“Do you want me to get Mr. Carwes?”
“No way, my grandfather is also my mentor.”
“You need a 500 year old ancient wood to make a new wand, and three days or more for the magic ritual!”
“Since my grandfather is Headmaster Carwes, he can help me get that old wood.”
“500 year old wood just doesn’t grow anywhere!”
As precious as ancient wood may be, you wouldn’t find it by just looking in the outskirts of the Kings forest.
“The only place where you can find some is Tartious Forest (森ターシャス), and that place is filled with all kind of dangerous monsters.”
“However, the forest is so big that I probably won’t encounter any.”
“Tell that to all the people who lose their lives there every year.”
Ila’s tone was dire.
“I’m not afraid. Monsters or demons, I’ll defeat them all, just like how I defeated those goblins.”
“Yes, but you broke your wand in the process, didn’t you?”
Louie was left speechless.
“T-This time I won’t be so careless. I’ll be using a sword to fight.”
“And you can’t use magic since you don’t have a wand. Anyway, will those adventure companions you met go with you?”
Louie said defiantly.
The three women didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Since Louie broke his wand, they took him for a walking joke. On the way back from the ruins, the trio constantly called him a pig.
“Well, are you going alone then?”
Ila’s eye’s blinked widly.
“Ah, I see……”
Ila seemed to be thinking, then she went silent for a moment.
“You……can accompany me tonight……”
She said to Louie.
“What’s got into you all of a sudden?”
“I might never see you again, so I’d like to create some fond memories.”
Silence filled the room for a moment.
“That’s just like you.”
Louie said, while laughing.
“I’m just kidding! I just want to accompany you, so I can hear about your adventures.”
After that, Ila left Louie’s room, regardless whether they reached a decision or not.
Louie stared blankly at the wall, he really enjoyed having fun with women, but now he was really tired.
“If someone is envious of my life, then I’d happily switch with him.” Louie said inside himself.
2 – Companions
“……He even broke his wand.”
Said Melissa the acolyte, her eyes were filled with tears, High Priestess Jenny looked at her with remorse.
“He used an important symbol of a magician to beat goblins in the head, and when his wand broke…he used his fists……”
Then, Melissa repeated “This is against my will” five times.
(She can’t be serious……)
Once known as the “sword princess”, the High Priestess listened to Jenny, although her face was calm, she was actually very angry.
Melissa didn’t say it, but she wanted a different hero from the God of War. From Jenny’s point of view, Louie was her friend’s son, she known him ever since he was little.
“He is always shirtless in front of women, that kind of behaviour is barbarous. He doesn’t discuss anything with us, clearly he is a man that thinks for himself, he could have caused serious harm to his companions. If God doesn’t give me some inspiration soon, I’m afraid my faith in God may waver.”
Jenny could understand how Melissa was feeling, but she didn’t want her quitting the faith over this.
(Louie shirtless in front of women…)
When the King founded the country of Ohfun, one thing was always certain, men would exercise topless to try and attract members of the opposite sex.
A strong burly figure, of course women admire this, but most women still prefer a gentler man. However, most men don’t understand this.
(When it comes to a beautiful physique, Louie clearly excels in that area.)
Jenny thought.
When Jenny was young, she always held the firm belief that a strong body was needed for fighting.
As a woman, she always maintained a well-proportioned body, using a dancing sword technique with an elegant posture, she gained the name “sword princess” through defeating opponents.
“How can you say that……?”
Jenny said to Melissa.
To qualify as a member of the clergy, you must get an evaluation from Jenny. Whether you are strong or weak, you will learn fighting skills so you can defend yourself.
In Melissa’s case, she always helped out in less physical demanding tasks. For example, she would always help out with sermons for the younger believers.
In the future, she would most likely be teaching large groups of people, but now she was too young, and she needed to learn to control her temper.
Melissa always fantasied about getting a hero, one that was perfect in every way, someone that would be worshipped like an idol. Unfortunately, such people do not exist in this world, hero’s come in all shapes and forms.
“What should I do?”
Melissa asked Jenny, with a puzzled look on her face.
“I am willing to listen to the High Priest’s instructions.”
“Rather than listen to my opinion, you should follow the mission God has given you.”
Jenny then spoke in a commanding voice.
“God has given you a mission, you were told to follow your magician hero Louie. Even though he doesn’t have the qualities of a hero yet, you should embrace your duty, not run away from it.”
After listening to Jenny, Melissa couldn’t help but feel disgusted.
Jenny knew that Melissa could endure, even if Louie didn’t have the qualities of a hero.
(Louie was always such a gentle child.)
Jenny thought, thinking about the times she spent with Louie when he was a child. 
Seeing that Melissa was trembling in front of her, she thought of some encouraging words.
“You should reach out to him, try to understand more about him from his daily life, maybe then you’ll find out if he is the hero you are meant to serve.”
“……I will.”
Even though she promised her, she couldn’t help but show that she was unhappy.
Then, she unsteadily stood up, and left the chapel.
“He broke his wand.”
Merrill was recounting their adventure to the information broker.
“I can’t believe a magician even did that.”
“Why not? He’s an idiot.”
Merrill laughed. She then took two steps towards Shamsul (沙姆斯).
“What do you want?”
He continued to watch her, a smile appeared on her face.
“Thanks to your lousy information, we almost ended up dead!”
The smile on her face disappeared in an instant, she was furious, but so was the broker.
“Hey! You know full well how dangerous it can be going on an adventure!”
The broker found Merrill’s expression offensive, he could only think of defending himself.
“Everyone knows it dangerous, but don’t you feel uneasy knowing this?”
Merrill’s face relaxed, she was calm once again.
“I would certainly feel uneasy.”
“Well, now that you feel that way, don’t you think you should return our money?”
He couldn’t afford to lose money, or even give it back for that matter. Unfortunately for Merrill, she was flat broke and needed the money.
“No refunds.”
After Shamsul finished, he felt a pair of small hands touching his.
“But what?”
Little Merrill’s eye’s sparkled, she moved her face closer to Shamsul’s.
“That may apply to other people, but I am an only child. Don’t you want to help me?”
“Of course, you’re my friend after all.”
Merrill waited for an answer from the broker.
He started to smile.
“What’s that look supposed to mean?”
Merrill leaned back from the brokers face.
Shamsul smiled like a wild dog.
“Hey, smile for me again……”
“You’ve got to be kidding.”
Merrill cried, she then followed that with a roundhouse kick to Shamsul’s face, his body flew through the air, impacting the floor of the bar.
“Don’t be so impulsive, I was only joking.”
Shamsul staggered as he got up, as he looked at Merrill.
“You try something like that when I was being sincere, that was a bad joke.”
Merrill confidently said.
“But thanks to your joke, I’m feeling a little better.”
“That was rude……”
Shamsul patted the dust off his clothes, Merrill then sat down on a seat at the counter.
“This time you’ve really done it.”
“Well, you can’t please everyone.”
Shamsul put his elbows on the counter.
“What was your friends name again, Louie, wasn’t it?”
“What are you talking about, did you forget or something? You were the one I bought the information about him from.”
“Ah, yes, he’s the adopted son of Headmaster Carwes at the Magician’s Guild.  That guy really doesn’t behave himself, he’s got into fights with our people several times.”
“Don’t tell me you want to introduce him to the thieves’ guild?”
“Maybe, though he does have a great physique, he could become a great man…maybe even a hero one day.”
“The guy is still useless.”
Looking at his performance in their last adventure, little Merrill didn’t think Louie had what it takes to join the thieves guild.
“Anyway, I’ve got some other information about him. In fact, I forgot to tell you last time. ”
“I’m not paying.”
Merrill made this very clear, even if she wanted to buy the information, she wouldn’t be able to since she doesn’t have any money.
“Alright, I’ll give you this one for free, as well as a little gift.”
“Good, what’s the information?”
“Well……it’s related to his background. No one knows who his biological parents are.”
The broker peaked the interested of Merrill.
The thieves’ guild has extensive information on everybody, they know everybody’s biological parents, except for Louie’s.
Merrill smiled, and reached her hand out to Shamsul.
“I want to know more about that guy, Headmaster Carwes. He may be a great man, but I’m sure you’d be able to learn more about him if you got closer to him.”
“Come on.”
Shamsul said, as he put a jewel into Merrill’s hands.
(Oh, this must be worth at least 200(0) silver coins……)
As soon as Merrill had the stone in her hand, she started thinking about how much it was worth.
(Anyhow, since Louie is our travelling companion, it should be easy to glean some information from him.)
Merrill had got a task that was too simple, she liked it that way. She then put the jewel into her bag, said goodbye to Shamsul and left the underground bar.
“He actually broke his wand.”
After Genie finished speaking, a mocking smile was on her face.
Genie was talking to one of her former colleges from the mercenary guild. His name is Barb, he’s about thirty years old, but you wouldn’t know that by just looking at him.
“That magician is unbelievable.”
Barb said, as he drank from a glass.
“By the way, I didn’t expect you’d become a knight of the Kingdom of Ohfun?”
Barb was previously a mercenary, strictly speaking, his type of character isn’t’ generally allowed to become a knight.
Genie didn’t think he’d become a knight either.
“The Kingdom hasn’t been around that long, they had a shortage for talent. When I was in my third year as a mercenary, I did some fencing and found success.”
“Yeah, I understand.”
If Ohfun was a normal country, knights would be from the royals of the country.
However, since Ohfun was created recently, they had to choose their talent from people who might not have been eligible in another country.
“With your abilities, you’d make……”
“Women can’t become knights.”
Genie said coldly.
In the past, someone had said something similar to her. The faces of a group of men emerged in her mind, men who were of nobility, they tried everything in their power to stop her.
“Let me be very clear. I don’t have any interest in serving the royals.”
“Then what do you want to do?”
“If you’ve been listening, I’m currently and adventurer. I think I’ll continue doing that.”
“That is a possibility, but you’ve got to think about your future.”
“I was young once, but it’s too early to be worrying about what I’ll be doing when I’m old.”
“You mean you won’t become a mercenary again, not even for the Kingdom of Ohfun……?”
Currently there is no war, so any tasks a mercenary gets would be easy.
“I don’t have the motivation to fight for the kingdom, I’d rather fight monsters, mostly because it’s more interesting.”
Genie shrugged.
“Is that so?”
 Barb looked disappointed, he then stood up.
“I have to go back to the city, what about you?”
“I think I’ll wait here for my companions.”
“My house is on Mayor Street, if there’s anything you’d like to discuss, you know where to find me. Hopefully I’ll be seeing more of you…anyway, I wish you the best of luck.”
Genie saw through his words, she though they had a hidden meaning.
“Why? Is there something you want to tell me?”
Genie was being frank.
“Yes, you’re always welcome.”
“However, you’re a knight now, and you don’t even have a wife, I feel sorry for you.”
In an instant, Barb’s face became very stiff, then he smiled.
“Well, you could always take that spot.”
Barb laughed, then he said his goodbyes and left the bar.
3 – Awkward encounter
“Why are you here……”
Louie and Ila appeared in the bar wearing their casual clothes, however, when he stood in front of the three women, Louie couldn’t believe his eyes.
All of them had the same look on their face, they didn’t welcome this chance encounter.
“You! You shouldn’t be here!”
Genie said with displeasure.
Indeed, Louie visits this place regularly, the alley of Joy Street. But today he took Ila with him, it wasn’t very convenient for her to be in this place.
“Are these your companions?”
Ila said to Louie.
Louie nodded his head, he looked very troubled.
“Yeah, but they don’t seem to want me as their partner anymore.”
Ila listened to Louie’s words, she sighed, then looked at the three girls.

“Each of them is a great beauty. They are like a harem from the Kingdom of Sand and Dust.”
A harem from the Kingdom of Sand and Dust refers an elite selection of women from around the continent, they are generally used as the Kings personal concubines.  
Louie wanted to supress the screaming he held within himself, they may seem like a harem, but he thought that they were torturous demons.
If Louie said what he really wanted to say, the bar would most likely be turned into a bloodbath.
“We have somewhere to go.”
Louie whispered in Ila’s ear.
“Why? This is nothing more than a chance encounter, we shouldn’t have to go somewhere else.”
Ila quickly replied, then Genie immediately pulled a chair to their table.
“Good evening.”
Ila greeted them politely, then everyone looked at Genie. 
(This is hell……)
Louie felt himself fall into a deep sleep.
But since he was in a bar, he realized he could eat and drink.
(This is going to be boring.)
Louie walked unsteadily, he sat down on the seat between Ila and Merrill.
Everyone then began to introduce themselves, meanwhile Louie ordered some food and drink.
The atmosphere of the next forty minutes was very strange.
Louie did his best to avert the gaze of the three women, but Ila on the other hand was looking at all three of the women.
Genie had a look of displeasure on her face, they all continued to silently eat and drink, Melissa looked like she could endure the silence.
The only exception was Merrill, she had been looking for opportunities to speak, but the atmosphere was too glum. Thus, she didn’t utter a word. 
“These girls seem very quiet.”
Ila observed them for a long time, with a look of satisfaction on her face, she turned to Louie and said:
Louie didn’t answer, he didn’t’ want to be cursed by Genie for breaking the silence.
Ila started to ask about their adventures.
Genie sat in front of her, she found this a very good topic. However, when she mentioned the battle with the goblins, Louie could feel the blood surging in his body.
“A large group of goblins came at us, and in the midst of the fighting…Louie was using his wand to bash the heads of the goblins, then…”
All the women then spoke in unison.
“He broke his wand——”
Louie said.
“And now he’s got to get some wood to make another one.”
Ila explained this to the three women, she had a very happy look on her face.
“His destination is the Tartious Forest, the demon forest.”
“The Tartious Forest!”
The three women repeated.
“There’s an old tree that grows somewhere deep in the forest.”
“I doubt he’ll come back alive.”
Genie mercilessly said.
“It’s suicide.”
Merrill said.
“I’m going to have a bigger headache is he does come back alive……”
Melissa said.
Louie wanted to shout at them.
“So, ah ……”
Ila said, she put her hand into her purse, and started looking for something.
She pulled out a couple of items and put them on the table.
“A flute, wooden sticks, and some cloth?”
Louie said, as he looked at the items on the table.
Everything Ila had were magical treasures, since that was her special field of study.
“This cloth is a “forest fairy cape”. If you wear it and chant the magical incantation, the cape will turn you invisible. However, there’s no way for it to stop smells and sounds from getting out from the cape, so it’s useless against animals.”
Merrill looked the most interested out of the three women, she leaned from her chair and reached for the cape.
Although Merrill and Louie were sitting right beside each other, such a move put her breasts in front of Louie’s face. Upon closer inspection, her body wasn’t fully developed yet, so her body was petite, such an image reminded Louie of the body of a fairy.
“Next is the two sticks, when you are lost in the forest, just insert one end into the ground, and throw the other in the air, then it will show you what direction your companions are in.”
Merrill looked at the sticks, and examined them closely.
“I’m not seeing any marks on these sticks, what if I accidently walked in the opposite direction?”
“Ah, you have a keen sense of observation.”
Ila then explained what would happen.
“That’s where the problem lies, if you get lost there’s a fifty percent chance that you’d head in the right direction……”
“We can’t use that thing.”
Genie said with distain.
“Cant’ you just paint some kind of marker on the sticks?”
“No. I’ve tried, it emits some faint kind of magic if someone tries to tamper with it……”
“That’s enough!”
Louie said. If Ila went on to explain all the magical treasures, then they would probably be here for a while.
Moreover, Louie wanted to prevent any needless quarrels with the three women.
“What is this flute?”
Merrill said, as she picked up the little flute.
“That’s called a Magical Flute.”
“And it does what……?”
“It summons demons.”
Ila smiled.
“It will be more effective in the Tartious forest.”
“Once you summon the demons, will they do whatever you say?”
Melissa asked.
“Nope, if it was that powerful, it would have been locked away with all the other magical treasures.”
“So, when should we use it?”
“I think you could use it when you want to practice martial arts……”
Ila said, as she nodded.
“I love to practice martial arts, like me at them!”
Louie’s mood improved, he was ecstatic now.
“Just make sure you use it when the moment is right.”
After Ila had finished speaking, she moved her hair out of the way so she could drink.
“Regardless of the matter, it could come in useful.”
“I don’t think so.”
Genie said, her face was full of disdain.
When Ila heard that, she turned to Louie and said:
“Is that right? Looks like you’re still needing a stronger partner.”
She deliberately didn’t look at Genie’s eyes, she was trying to provoke her.
Of course, it worked.
(Forgive me.)
Louie wanted to shout from the bottom of his heart.
“My special magic glasses and its last ability could come in useful.”
Although Ila wasn’t wearing those glasses now, nor would she ever use the fourth ability due to it being lethal.
“Hey, Ila, can we change the pace and continue to drink?”
Louie knew that if this continued, a bloodbath would ensue.
“What? Don’t tell me you wanted to go somewhere else alone with me?”
Louie wanted to say something that would derail this provocative conversation, he didn’t want to tangle with Genie on a day like this.
So Louie just smiled, he then forced Ila off her chair.
Ila was very fit, but she started enthusiastically holding Louie’s arm.
Louie pretended that nothing happened, he said his goodbyes then left, taking Ila away from the bar with him.
4 – A change of heart
“Well, that wasn’t fun.”
After Louie had gone, it took a while before Merrill said anything.
“It was boring.”
Melissa agreed with them.
“The nerve of that women, how dare she insinuate that we need a stronger companion! If I ever meet her on the road I’ll…”
Merrill moved her fingers across her throat.
“It’s his fault that his wand broke, it’s not our responsibility to fix it.”
“That women is also an idiot, is she trying to cause more problems between us and Louie? I don’t know, but I get a weird feeling from her.”
Then, the three women cursed Ila’s name. And then they cursed Louie’s name, and sighed deeply.
Now the three women’s throats were dry, due to the excessive cursing.
“……Those two, they must think the Tartious forest poses no threat.”
Merrill said to herself, as she finished her drink.
“Even the hunters only go to the edge of the forest, they are afraid of going any deeper. Anyway, I heard a rumour that there’s some ruins of the ancient kingdom deep in the forest, but adventures don’t dare to go there.”
“But then again, he’s just not anymore ordinary person.”
Genie said, then they all began to think about Louie.
“Do you think he’s actually going?”
Merrill murmured.
(No wonder the broker Shamsul payed special attention to him.)
“What if he actually becomes a hero……”
Melissa staggered as she remembered the revelation from her God.
The three women then looked at each other and sighed.
“This is boring.”
They all said at the same time.
“Hey, ladies, looks like your all in a bad mood. Why don’t you drink with us?”
Two drunken men said, as they approached them.
At that moment, Genie decided to vent out her anger on them.
“You’ve got to be kidding!”
Tables were overturned and glasses were sent into the air.
The bar was turned into a battlefield.
The next day——
Ila and Louie are walking down South Street.
He stressed to Ila that he didn’t want to walk with her, but she insisted.
Of course, Ila brought her magical treasures with her.
After walking for a while, they discover the three women in front of them.
Merrill greeted them.
“What brings you here?”
Louie stood still for a moment, it was like he had seen a ghost.
“After you left, we got into a fight at the bar.”
“A fight?”
“Yeah, it was just some riff-raff so we’re okay.”
Although Merrill was a lovely little girl, Louie sensed something was off about her.
“Actually, we were looking for you.”
“For me?”
“Yeah, we want to go with you.”
Louie never thought he’d hear those words.
“If you two go alone, there’s no way you’d make it back alive.”
“If something happened, I wouldn’t be able to fulfil my obligations to my faith.”
Melissa said, looking to distant hills.
“We were also looking for a certain troublesome magician.”
Genie said.
(I never expected such kindness from them.)
Then Louie thought that they would be asking for favours as compensation.
However, he knew this was a good thing. Because he has heard all kinds of stories about the Tartious forest, and none of them good, so more people in his party is better.
But, there was a problem……
Louie looked to Ila, who was wearing the magic glasses.
“Isn’t this great?”
Ila smiled, and began to talk.
“Since they are willing to go with you, you won’t be needing my help. Anyway, I’ll head back to the Magicians Guild and prepare for you guys coming back.”
Ila put a bag on Louie’s back, then waved goodbye.
“The material needed for the creation of a new wand doesn’t necessarily have to be a big stick, twigs and branches can be used. But still, ancient oak is the best thing to make a wand with.”
Ila then turned and left, Louie stared blankly as she walked away.
“Don’t go!”
Genie then spoke with an impatient voice.
“Let’s get there and back again, before we change our minds.”
Merrill started laughing.
Melissa didn’t speak, she didn’t even look Louie in the eyes.
Louie replied, and then all of them followed Genie out of the city.

With the warm sun on their back, they headed towards the Tartious forest.