Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 11

Man, december really has been a very busy month for me. Between working extra hours, life related issues and finding time to translate, I really have been put through the wringer more than once. Anyway enough of my woes and all that stuff, the next volume of Those Who Hunt Elves has been completed, hooray!

Got a DMCA so I’ve got to remove the links, here’s my tumblr

Note: Working on this has pushed back numerous releases, I decided to work on this alone since I couldn’t work on everything due to time constraints. I also had to scan, clean, translate and typeset the entire thing myself.

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair Ep01-52 Complete

Done at last, I’ve really enjoyed this anime and I hope you have to. It’s a great coming of age story with lots of trails that shape you as you become an adult, it’s sad to see it end this way as I would have liked it to continue on for a while longer. As like most things they come to an end at one point. The links are below:

DDL Links:!fwdzmZzR!T9TtikVGeSlOVubq2jC1uA

OneDrive Download Folder:!108&authkey=!AHeY9qRAlmq0X1M&ithint=folder%2cmkv

Episodes are also available to watch on YouTube:

I highly recommend you get the ddl links as my seeding isn’t the best.

Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 8 Complete English Translation

Well, here it is. Volume 8 of Those Who Hunt Elves in one package, all packed inside a simple rar file. It’s almost too much elf stripping (or lack thereof) for me to handle, anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed the manga so far and will continue reading. Lord know’s that TWHE needs more fans, Pichi-chan commands you to spread the word.

Download Link:!SxVhiZiR!2l6Cpw9_FiHSQ55FKoKmnKNJu4-Nk3P7bc17yPnZHfs

Also if anyone wants the original files I used to typeset the manga, ask and ye shall receive. (Matthew 7:7)