Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 11

Man, december really has been a very busy month for me. Between working extra hours, life related issues and finding time to translate, I really have been put through the wringer more than once. Anyway enough of my woes and all that stuff, the next volume of Those Who Hunt Elves has been completed, hooray!

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Note: Working on this has pushed back numerous releases, I decided to work on this alone since I couldn’t work on everything due to time constraints. I also had to scan, clean, translate and typeset the entire thing myself.

Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 11 Preview

To save you waiting a little longer for the next volume I decided to release a little teaser to let you know what the story is about, now this time I had to buy, scan, clean and typeset the entire volume myself. That’s mainly what’s taking me so long getting this volume out, though it’s a fun experience since it let’s me try out new things I generally wouldn’t do otherwise. So please excuse me if the cleaning or anything else isn’t the best since this is mostly a one man job without some help from my Russian friend. Anyway, the links are below as usual.

I’m aiming for a full release of Volume 11 around Christmas time since it will take a while to get this stuff done, thank you for waiting.

[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 11

Chapter 11 marks the start of volume 3, it picks up right away where the story left off where the group was being hunted by Hammer and his troops. This time we’ve got plenty of comedy with the appearance of Vincent once again, I won’t spoil it but it’s really funny and a nice change of pace.

[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 10

We’re here at last, the last chapter of volume 2. And while it might not be the most eventful ending, it sure is one that will keep you wanting more. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you enjoy it too. Have at it:

I’ll put a complete volume 2 download up later when I have some free time to upload.

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 44 English Translation

Here we go, the last chapter in volume 10. This time the gang come across some bald guy directing traffic on a crossroad, except he gives people bad directions! It’s up to TWHE to set him straight and teach him a lesson, a good chapter with a nice message.

Btw, I’ll also be doing a volume 10 download and pdf for those who are interested. I’ve also fixed the missing pages in this chapter.
Ciaran Hillock – Translator and Typesetter
Yuri V. Matveyev – Proofreader

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 43 English Translation

Sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out, I’ve just been busy with other things. Anyway, in this chapter the gang enter a competition for creating giant objects. The prize: 100 beautiful elves which Junpei can strip, sounds saucy. But don’t be expecting to see anything lude, a giant goose steals the show instead, or rather destroys it. A good chapter nonetheless, have at it.

Ciaran Hillock – Translator and Typesetter
Yuri V. Matveyev – Proofreader

[Chang Sheng] Oldman Chapter 7

The story heats up in the next chapter of Oldman, now we finally find out the origin of Oldman and how the Queen retains her youth. This chapter is really good and I can’t wait until the next one is done.

Ciaran Hillock: Translator, Typesetter, Cleaner
rtwpsom2: Raw Provider, Proofreader

Those Who Hunt Elves Chapter 42 English Translation

Looks like there’s a bit of monkey trouble in this chapter, there’s also a fair bit of deforestation and animal cruelty. But luckily the story turns out for the best and nobody gets hurt, a nice little all round story, but there’s just one thing, THERE’S NO ELVES! How am I meant to get my fix?

Ciaran Hillock – Translator and Typesetter
Yuri V. Matveyev – Proofreader

Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 1

As promised, the first volume of Those Who Hunt Elves available for download. Though someone really should have already done this, I don’t mean this in a bad way, except I do. The anime and manga community really are lazy when it comes to backing things up, out of the countless anime and manga that I’ve seen and read, it’s annoying when you’re the one who has to make backups because the thousands of people that came before you were too lazy to do so. Anyway enough of my ramblings, the links are below:

I’ll also be doing the other volumes when I find time.