Freak Island Chapter 46

After a long absence Freak Island is finally back! This time spiky head is in for a world of hurt as Anna and Kanna bring him to monday night raw and eviscerate him. Being him is suffering as you’ll find out in this and the chapters to come. Read Online Download Patreon Advertisements

Zōmotsu Island – Freak Island Spinoff

Hokazono Masaya has been hard at work on his new Freak Island spinoff which seems to be something like grimm’s fairy tales, from his Twitter at least that’s the impression he gives. As you may have noticed characters such as Marie and Kaoru are present though at the moment it’s unknown what shape or form … Continue reading Zōmotsu Island – Freak Island Spinoff

Freak Island/Kichikujima Chapters 1-45

Here is all the Freak Island/Kichikujima chapters in English at the moment, translated by Usarei Translations (1-21) and myself (22-45). I took the liberty of compressing the original chapters done by Usarei as they were far over blown in size for some reason. They are far smaller in comparison now thankfully. Download Now if your … Continue reading Freak Island/Kichikujima Chapters 1-45

Freak Island Chapter 45

Now that the un-happily married couple are spending their honeymoon nailing each other it’s up to the Owl Twins to throw a wrench in their plans as Kanna is feeling left out-piyo. Awk. Read Online Download Patreon Also this is the end of the 9th volume and the 10th will release soon or so I’m … Continue reading Freak Island Chapter 45

Freak Island Chapter 40

With Hanakuro spilling the beans (pun intended) about Marie and Spiky Head, the father of the family moves into action to prevent the others from using the powers of Zanta Maria. Read Online Download Patreon Also this marks the end of volume 8, it’s been a fun ride admittedly and it’s only gonna get crazier … Continue reading Freak Island Chapter 40