Freak Island Chapter 45

Now that the un-happily married couple are spending their honeymoon nailing each other it’s up to the Owl Twins to throw a wrench in their plans as Kanna is feeling left out-piyo. Awk. Read Online Download Patreon Also this is the end of the 9th volume and the 10th will release soon or so I’m … Continue reading Freak Island Chapter 45

Freak Island Chapter 40

With Hanakuro spilling the beans (pun intended) about Marie and Spiky Head, the father of the family moves into action to prevent the others from using the powers of Zanta Maria. Read Online Download Patreon Also this marks the end of volume 8, it’s been a fun ride admittedly and it’s only gonna get crazier … Continue reading Freak Island Chapter 40

Freak Island Chapter 37

With spiky head being probed by Marie’s mother she undercovers all about him. From the fact that he’s a virgin to him being a natural born killer. We also learn more about her and why she came to the Island. *Ring* *Ring* The church bells are ringing. Read Online Download Patreon Also if anyone spots … Continue reading Freak Island Chapter 37

Freak Island Chapter 36

Thought I had a problem with when all i had to do was create another account. So now I can buy high quality raws instead of those ugly raws floating about on the net for Freak Island. Uck. Anyway, this volume kicks right off with the mother of the family being revealed alongside her … Continue reading Freak Island Chapter 36